Emperor Jomei

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Casey Mintzler
Saskatoon, SK

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Singer-Songwriter Emperor Jomei is a diverse artist with backgrounds in hip-hop and RnB.

As seen with his latest EP WAVES, released September 1st 2023, Jomei is able to flow between different sounds and styles with ease. Though rooted in Hip hop, Jomei does not conform to the stereotypes of Rap music. His music is a reflection of himself, and his surrounding environment. Using his talents in songwriting, Jomei is able to paint beautiful vivid pictures of love, heartbreak, poverty, discrimination, equality, and sacrifice.

Raised in the north of Canada, Fort Smith NWT, Jomei's musical influence was limited. Between popular culture, and his father, another African Canadian hip-hop artist, Jomei grew up listening primarily to a mix of old school, and new age Rap and hip-hop. Idolizing artists like Q-tip, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, JCole, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar.

After moving to Saskatoon Saskatchewan at the age of 15, Jomei was introduced to the music scene of this vibrant city. From rock and punk bands, to folk and country artists, Jomei’s musical repertoire was expanded, which is noticeable in his later works.


  •  Emperor Jomei's newest EP

    Emperor Jomei's newest EP "Truth Be Told" to Drop March 29th!

    March 25, 2024

    Emperor Jomei, a hip hop force in the Saskatoon music scene, is setting the stage for a pivotal April. He is poised to unveil his latest and much anticipated EP, "Truth Be Told," followed by a highly anticipated live show and a deep-dive radio interview on the horizon. The six-song EP is a deep dive into Jomei's personal experiences and reflections, presented through a series of compelling narratives that explore themes ranging from struggle and societal issues to personal growth and authenticity. Set to release on March 29th across all streaming services.

    On April 18, Jomei will captivate audiences at The Cure in Regina, spotlighting his latest work amidst an exciting lineup from Vancouver including Lane Curtis, Bobbie Blxze, HighBryd, and Saber T. Fans can get their tickets with a special discount from Jomei HERE with the link!

    Go behind the scenes and hear more with Jomei's April 12th appearance on CFCR Radio at 5:00pm CST with Noah Dimitrie promises an introspective look into "Truth Be Told" and the stories behind its creation. This conversation will extend beyond the EP, touching on Jomei's recent tracks like "K.T.N," offering fans a glimpse into his artistic process and inspirations.


    "Truth Be Told" narratives by song:

    Introducing: The Struggle of Being Unseen

    "Introducing" lays bare the feeling of dedication to one’s craft while grappling with obscurity. Jomei expresses this sentiment vividly: "Regardless of how hard you have worked to differ yourself from others in your craft, you remain at a point where your introduction starts with 'who are they.'" It's a song that resonates with the perseverance required to overcome the shadows of anonymity, echoing the plight of many artists seeking recognition.

    The Buyproduct: A Story of Circumstance

    In "The Buyproduct," Jomei touches on the adverse effects of a challenging upbringing. He elaborates, "He’s a kind soul with a good heart. But due to the environment he was forced to be a part of, society views him as a problem. Even though his lifestyle is a byproduct of the environment our government curated for him." The track offers a critique on societal and systemic failures, urging a deeper understanding beyond surface-level judgments.

    You Smell That?: The Ephemeral Nature of Truth

    Jomei captures the fleeting nature of societal focus on significant issues in "You Smell That?" sharing his astonishment: "I was flabbergasted by the fact that so many horrendous truths came to light, and seemingly disappeared as quickly as they were revealed." This song is a reminder to stay vigilant and engaged with the truths that shape our world, even as they risk being forgotten amidst the constant influx of new information.

    Keep It Rolling: Embracing the Darkness

    "Keep It Rolling" offers encouragement and understanding for those facing challenging times. Jomei observes, "Growing pains may sometimes ground you, but it’s from the dirt we rise." The message is one of resilience and hope, serving as a beacon for anyone navigating through dark periods, emphasizing that adversity often leads to growth.

    What Did You Come For?: Reflections on Change

    Reflecting on personal evolution, Jomei asks, "Do you remember what you came for?" in "What Did You Come For?" This track invites listeners to ponder their motives and the transformative power of their journeys, highlighting the fluidity of goals and identity over time.

    Gold > Glitter: Valuing Authenticity Over Fame

    "Gold > Glitter" stands as Jomei's testament to prioritizing art and self-expression over material success. He asserts, "For me, making music is about art and self-expression, not money and fame. Gold over glitter any day." It encapsulates his commitment to authenticity and creating lasting art, emphasizing genuine expression over fleeting recognition.


    Truth Be Told: The EP

    "Truth Be Told" opens a window into Emperor Jomei's artistic soul, offering an intimate exploration of his vision and the power of music to inspire, challenge, and transform. With Jomei's direct insights guiding the narrative, listeners are invited to delve into a rich tapestry of stories and sounds that unde...