Emperor Jomei

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Genres: Urban


Casey Mintzler
Saskatoon, SK

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Singer-Songwriter Emperor Jomei is a diverse artist with backgrounds in hip-hop and RnB.

As seen with his latest EP WAVES, released September 1st 2023, Jomei is able to flow between different sounds and styles with ease. Though rooted in Hip hop, Jomei does not conform to the stereotypes of Rap music. His music is a reflection of himself, and his surrounding environment. Using his talents in songwriting, Jomei is able to paint beautiful vivid pictures of love, heartbreak, poverty, discrimination, equality, and sacrifice.

Raised in the north of Canada, Fort Smith NWT, Jomei's musical influence was limited. Between popular culture, and his father, another African Canadian hip-hop artist, Jomei grew up listening primarily to a mix of old school, and new age Rap and hip-hop. Idolizing artists like Q-tip, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, JCole, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar.

After moving to Saskatoon Saskatchewan at the age of 15, Jomei was introduced to the music scene of this vibrant city. From rock and punk bands, to folk and country artists, Jomei’s musical repertoire was expanded, which is noticeable in his later works.


Date Event Venue
Apr 19
Soar to New Heights with Lane Curtis - Fly High Tour [Saskatoon] at Amigos Cantina
Saskatoon, SK