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Genres: Alternative, Pop


Heather Harrison
Saskatoon, SK

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In the heart of the Canadian prairies, where the vast landscapes meet the endless skies, Heather was raised. Emerging as a vibrant force in the world of art, Heather draws upon her roots in Saskatchewan, Canada, to craft a unique and captivating artistic narrative.

Heather was born on April 17th 2003 and raised in a family deeply rooted in musical traditions, experiencing her first harmonious encounter with the world of art through the sounds of her parents' piano.

With an insatiable hunger for artistic exploration, at the age of two she embarked on a journey of formal education in the arts through Suzuki piano. This formative period allowed Heather to weave the threads of her musical upbringing into a rich tapestry of visual artistry.

Drawing inspiration from the beauty of her youth based in Saskatchewan, Heather has forged a distinctive style of writing using the piano that marries the fluidity of acoustic music with the vivid colors and textures of added surroundings. Her artwork transcends traditional boundaries, creating a visual symphony that resonates with viewers on a profound level.

Heather's work has been described as a reflection of some of her favourite artists including Billie Eilish, Norah Jones, and Lizzie McAlpine.

Over the years, Heather has showcased her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions locally, working with artists such as VBND and Jordan Perry. 

Heather remains rooted in Saskatchewan while she attends the University of Saskatchewan, a place where the pulse of her art continues to beat in time with the rhythms of her youth. Her commitment to sharing the beauty and harmony that she finds in the world through their art is an enduring testament to her passion and dedication.

As an emerging artist, Heather is on the cusp of creating a lasting legacy that will resonate far beyond the prairies of Saskatchewan. Their journey is a testament to the enduring power of art to bridge worlds and evoke emotions, and their future promises an ever-expanding canvas upon which to paint the music of life.

In the heart of Saskatchewan, Canada, Heather is not just an emerging artist; she is a harmonious force of creativity, and an inspiration to all who encounter her art.