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Genres: Alternative, Country, Pop, Rock


Matthew Facca
816 Arlington Ave
Saskatoon, SK, S7H 2X4

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Hey, I'm Matthew Facca. A mixer, recording engineer and producer from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I graduated from the Recording Workshop in Chilicothe, Ohio in 2008. I began recording local projects in Saskatoon in 2009 at my home studio and am now lucky enough to be able to do this for a living. I have a mixing room with the best possible speakers, gear and software I can get my hands on. I love carrying out an artist's vision for their music or helping to take it to a new place they hadn't imagined. 

I love guitars and guitar gear, namely pedals. If you have a guitar sound in mind, I have the instruments, pedals and amps to get you there.

For more info or to hear some audio samples, contact me at facca.ca!

I co-operate the Sask One Mic Recording Series, A throwback video series where productions are recorded in a single take using only one microphone, just like the earliest days of recording. No edits, no overdubs, no studio magic. We let the performance speak for itself.

I also co-own the Sask Recording Workshop, a company which provides quick, intensive workshops where we teach recording, mixing and everything in between. From those just starting to those who are more advanced, there.s something for everyone!