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Matthew Facca
816 Arlington Ave
Saskatoon, SK, S7H 2X4

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Hey, I'm Matthew Facca. A mixer, recording engineer and producer from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I graduated from the Recording Workshop in Chilicothe, Ohio in 2008. I began recording local projects in Saskatoon in 2009 at my home studio and am now lucky enough to be able to do this for a living. I have a mixing room with the best possible speakers, gear and software I can get my hands on. I love carrying out an artist's vision for their music or helping to take it to a new place they hadn't imagined. 

I love guitars and guitar gear, namely pedals. If you have a guitar sound in mind, I have the instruments, pedals and amps to get you there.

For more info or to hear some audio samples, contact me at facca.ca!

I co-operate the Sask One Mic Recording Series, A throwback video series where productions are recorded in a single take using only one microphone, just like the earliest days of recording. No edits, no overdubs, no studio magic. We let the performance speak for itself.

I also co-own the Sask Recording Workshop, a company which provides quick, intensive workshops where we teach recording, mixing and everything in between. From those just starting to those who are more advanced, there.s something for everyone!


  • The Sask One Mic Recording Series is Coming to the Sound Castle!

    The Sask One Mic Recording Series is Coming to the Sound Castle!

    April 1, 2023

    The One Mic series is coming to the Sound Castle!

    On April 15th at 1pm, we’ll be recording at one of the most unique studios in the province. In what we call our "Short and Sweet" event, each artist will have 20 minutes to record their video, and will serve as each others’ audience.

    Better yet, tickets are available to the public for those who want to come watch the recording process! Tickets are $12.00, and $10 from each ticket sold will be split among the artists.
    We’ll have an intermission midway through where people can come and go if they need.
    After the recording, we’ll supply burgers and hot dogs and everyone is welcome to bring their own snacks and desserts for a pot-luck style event.

    For further details or to apply, check out our website:

    We can’t wait to have to at the Sound Castle in Viscount!

    More info on the Sound Castle: https://thesoundcastle.ca/

    The Sask One Mic Recording Series: https://saskonemic.com/