Alt-country / Americana duo from PA (living in UK) looking for bookings in Sept 2023

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Jaime April
Princes Avenue
Princes Park
Princes Park
Liverpool, SK, L8 2TB

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We are Jaime April & Jason Moon (APRIL MOON) and were raised on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River.  We moved to Liverpool, UK for a bit of adventure and spend our  time writing, recording and playing across the country and into mainland Europe.  We still return to Saskatchewan every summer to visit family and soak up some of that beautiful prairie sunshine.  

This year we will be visiting in September and are looking for some interesting gigs / spots to play some tunes.

We call our music Canadiana - it's like Americana but you have to keep your socks on!  We blend alt-country, folk and 70's rock using 2 guitars, a kick drum pedal and loads of vocal harmonies to create a full sound with happy vibes.  We've just released an album called 'The Other One Was You' that is available on all major streaming platforms and has been getting a great response both at live shows and on radio.  

There's a lot of cool stuff happening musically in Saskatchewan and we'd love to be involved while in the province this year so please get in touch!  


  • APRIL MOON releases new single ‘Part Of The Game’ along with string of UK live dates

    APRIL MOON releases new single ‘Part Of The Game’ along with string of UK live dates

    October 24, 2023

    Prince Albert duo Jaime April and Jason Moon, operating under the banner of APRIL MOON, release their new single 'Part Of The Game’, written and recorded in their adopted hometown of Liverpool, UK.  

    Upbeat and yet laid-back feeling, ‘Part Of The Game’ is an alt-country tune inspired by the jangly, northern, country-rock sounds that were coming out of the upper half of the Canadian prairie provinces in the 1990’s.  With pondering, playful lyrics exploring a mix of self-reflective and relevant topics, the song questions the nature of reality giving this rambling, easy-going tune a sense of the surreal.

    This is the first single from APRIL MOON since their full-length album ‘The Other One Was You’ was released in 2022 in which they first started to explore a more Americana / rootsy sound than their previous rock and folk offerings.  With a goal of creating songs that capture their live feel, the duo have focused on really evolving and fine-tuning their recent new music onstage at various festivals and gigs before stepping foot in the studio. 

    The inclusion of fiddle to their sound is a fairly recent addition as well but seems to fit perfectly, highlighting the country flavours that have been seeping into APRIL MOON’s songwriting.  

    “It’s funny actually” laughs April, “in Saskatchewan, you grow up totally surrounded by country and old time music (the highlight being the Prince Albert Winter Festival’s famous Country North Show) and for the longest time, we rebelled against it, leaning into 70s rock and psychedelia but now when I sit down to write a song, I find I can incorporate those country vibes into it, and those often end up being my favourite tunes"

    ‘Part Of The Game’ fits perfectly into the resurging wave of alt-country music and promises to be a highlight of the set during APRIL MOON’s upcoming string of live gigs which include support spots for Ian Prowse and Amsterdam in Chester and several shows at the iconic Cavern Club in Liverpool.