iampimohse: Urban Indigenous Female Hip-Hop Lyricist

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Pimohse(Shawna) Oochoo
1550 Robinson St
Regina, SK, S4T 2N8

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Pimohse Oochoo (iampimohse) is an urban Indigenous female hip-hop lyricist who grew up and currently resides in North Central, Regina located on Treaty Four Territory in Saskatchewan. At an early age, Pimohse Oochoo connected and found healing in hip-hop as the authentic realities shared within the content of the music, rhyming lyrics and beats, resonated with and spoke to the personal trauma she had experienced as a result of experiencing intergenerational trauma within her home and being a child and youth in Indian Residential School, Indian Day School, and On-reserve Foster Care System.

At the age of thirteen, violence and abuse in her family home, iampimohse, found herself alone and fighting to survive on the streets of North Central, Regina. As a result she turned to activities such as  prostitution and gang-involvement to survive. In her mid-teen years, iampimohse found love with someone who also experienced similar trauma; but also, shared a deep passion for hip-hop. 

Due to the hip-hop being such a male dominated industry; there only existed Indigenous female lyricists; therefore, iampimohse had chosen to "tuck-away" her talent & skill, to accommodate her partners' career as his success appeared to be much more likely. During his early career, iampimohse, had been privileged to share in the her young partner achievements, struggles and challenges as he navigated through the hip-hop industry. Tommy Da (or Jonathan Anderson), became a well-known indigenous hip-hop lyricist. Unfortunately, due to the combination of unhealed generational trauma, the pressures of gang-involvement; and the hip-hop industry - the young couples goals were forgotten and the relationship eroded, however, they remained close friends as they shared a deep love & commitment to their daughters.

In 2020, due a failure to provide adequate Mental Health support, Tommy Da had committed suicide while incarcerated in the Edmonton Remand Center. During this time, Pimohse, had decided to return to obtain her Indigenous Mental Health & Wellness Diploma in which he had encouraged her to complete. In 2022, iampimohse successfully achieved her diploma with distinction, start her own business and offer Indigenous Mental health services and support within her community. As iampimohse, attempted to secure federal funding to offer services to aid in the healing in her community, iampimohse, came across concerns which included the lack of funded Indigenous-based Mental services and support; lack of Indigenous Mental Health Professionals in North Central; and numerous concerns with Government of Canada’s Non-insured Health Benefits program.

To call attention to these concerns & issues, Pimohse Oochoo, has decided to set aside her promising career as Indigenous Mental Health & Wellness professional career, as a political stance and to use her skills and passion for hip-hop to call attention to the issues that plague her community.

Presently, iampimohse, is working on an releasing “iap: Rise of tha Matriach Mixtape” which she shares the reality of her experiences as being an Indigenous youth and young woman trying to survive and heal in her community with so many barriers and challenges. This mixtape is a personal contribution to promote and strengthen Truth & Reconciliation and support authentic urban Indigenous healing.

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Website: www.iampimohse.ca or www.walkingbearwoman.ca

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iampimohse

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iampimohse_official/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iampimohse

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOSN7Rohgsu0o2fkE3t46og