Greg Grant

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Greg Grant
Swift Current, SK

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Greg resides on the Canadian Prairies. He plays a combo of cover and original songs. He is currently playing Farmers Markets, trade shows, breweries and other similar events and always looking for a gig.




  • "Memento from a Day Trip": New EP from Guitarist Gregory Grant

    November 5, 2022

    If you have around 9 minutes, please check out the three songs on my new EP, "Memento from a Day Trip".

    Memento is made up of guitar focused instrumentals and is available on all Streaming sites.

    1. Memento from a Road Trip: Shoe gazing, dream pop genre - The place your mind goes on a long road trip. Somewhere between the present and a dream like state

    2. Around the Bend: It's a dodgy turn, traffic is all over and it feels like an uncomfortable waltz, except for a moment where you flow into a momentarily Zen like space.

    3. Into Oblivion: Canadian Prairie Surf: The trip is nearing it's end, pedal to the metal, crank up the tunes. Almost there but want to capture the last moment because it's about the journey, not the destination.

  • The Senators: New Single

    The Senators: New Single

    August 16, 2022

    Gregory resides on the Canadian Prairies. He is an indie-folk singer-songwriter, records guitar based instrumentals as well as live performances.

    His first album, "the disappearance" was released in 2000 and was described as a "Film Noir on CD". It was followed up by "Allure", "Torrents", "Sand Genies", "The Imposter" and "Under Fading Stars" and several singles.

    Gregory Grant's new single, "The Senators" will released on all streaming sites on September 1, 2022.

    "I've seen a lot of local bands in a lot of different cities. Three really stood out. I thought they were going to grasp the proverbial brass ring but that ring can be elusive. For whatever reason, things never worked out and they disappeared from the scene. Was it lashing egos, getting married and starting a family, focusing on a career, not enjoying the road life that goes with the transition from a local scene to Regional tour?   Whatever happened to them, I will never know. There was no fanfare and no press when these bands called it a day. Maybe this was their story, maybe this was your band..."




  • Greg Grant Live Market Square

    Promo clip: Live at Market Square covering "Knocking on Heavens Door"

  • Greg Grant Live Slate Craft Brewery: The Senators

    Song I wrote and performed at the Slate Island Craft Brewery, Terrace Bay Ont

  • Greg Grant Live Lyric Theatre: The Hawk (Cover)

    Promo Video (full song) - Live cover of Kris Kristofferson's song "The Hawk."