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Regina, SK


With an ear for the cinematic and a heart rooted in storytelling, Canadian artist nasmore emerges as a dynamic force in the music industry, offering a diverse portfolio of tracks that transcend genres and boundaries. His music is not just heard; it's experienced, painting vivid soundscapes that enhance narratives and evoke deep emotions. Classically trained with a passion for both innovation and tradition, nasmore's compositions blend elements of rock, pop, cinematic, and ambient music, creating a unique auditory signature that is as versatile as it is distinctive. Whether it's the tender strains of a love story, the adrenaline rush of an action sequence, or the haunting atmosphere of a thriller, his music meticulously tailors emotions to the visual, making each scene unforgettable. By teaming up with other artists, he explores a rich tapestry of sounds, styles, and stories. Nasmore collaborates closely with filmmakers, game developers, and content creators, offering not just music, but a sonic journey that complements and elevates their projects. His dedication to his craft and his ability to understand and execute a creative vision make him a valuable asset to any project seeking a compelling musical score.


  • "When It Feels So Fake" by nasmore

    September 7, 2023

    “When It Feels So Fake” by nasmore is a captivating musical exploration of the modern-day human experience, delving deep into the facades we often wear to conceal our true emotions and intentions. This track seamlessly blends compelling lyrics with dynamic instrumentals, skillfully capturing the tension between appearances and authenticity.

    The song’s lyrical content is particularly noteworthy, offering introspective and somber themes centered around the perception of false pretenses. It invites listeners to reflect on moments when everything around them feels superficial, making it easy for anyone to connect with on a personal level.

    Nasmore’s ability to seamlessly blend songwriting and production shines through in “When It Feels So Fake.” Every beat, note, and lyric feels meticulously crafted, resulting in an auditory journey that resonates with intention. It’s evident that Nasmore is not just a name on a tracklist; he is a creative force in the studio, leaving his mark on every aspect of his music.

    What sets Nasmore apart is his commitment to collaboration, not just within the mainstream music realm but also in the world of visual media. His diverse skill set allows him to explore a rich tapestry of sounds, styles, and stories, making his artistry incredibly versatile.

    Nasmore’s unique blend of musical artistry and meaningful lyrics make this track a must-listen, offering a chance for listeners to confront their own feelings of superficiality and find a deeper connection with the music. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the full depth of Nasmore’s creative vision.

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  • Nasmore Has Announced a New Release:

    Nasmore Has Announced a New Release: "Welcome to the Hell"

    January 9, 2023

    A new single from a Canadian artist who continues to set the bar higher with every new release.

    Hell has never sounded this good! “Welcome to the Hell,” the new single by the eclectic Canadian pop maestro known as nasmore, taps into his unique sonic formula: an amalgam of stadium rock, goth-industrial textures, modern R&B and cinematic scores.

    This track is a collaboration between nasmore and two amazing artists: Neil Taylor & La Strange. There is so much chemistry going on here, and the emotional impact that drives "Welcome to the Hell" is absolutely undeniable. Neil playing on 'Tears for Fears' album Songs from the Big Chair, including "Everybody Wants To Rule the World," is part of music history. A former member of new wave legends Tears for Fears and Robbie Williams band and a long-term collaborator with stars like Tina Turner, Chris De Burgh, Natalie Imbruglia, Metallica, Phil Collins, Kylie Minogue, and more, Neil wastes little time in making his contribution to the new song heard, lashing out with gritty dazzling vocals and fierce guitar licks that perfectly mingle with La Strange's beautiful and yet powerful voice.

    In nasmore’s own words, “Some songs make you cry, and some songs you skip forward, and then there are songs that immerse you into their world, putting a sarcastic smile on your face and dragging your mind to visit dark places—like Hell, for example. Just for a day? Stay in a hotel situated by the burning sea of lava with a nice view of torture and punishment. Most of us humans do not require a reservation. Just come pick your nightmare, and we will serve it to you cooked to perfection. No matter what your plans are, you are always Welcome to the Hell”

    In addition to the personable and edgy performance value, this release is also quite distinctive because of the sheer quality of the production. The mix is balanced and very detail-oriented, making for a lively, edgy and stark sonic approach. In other words, there are many subtle nuances in this release, which really add to the richness of the track when summed up together. The frequency spectrum of the mix is also very balanced, with tight yet deep low-end working wonders, along with a smooth top end, which adds a sense of clarity to the music. One of the most interesting things about this release is how it combines different styles, achieving a very inherently catchy sound while also going for a very alternative twist due to the energy of the music. "Welcome to the Hell" is a great example of how to allow catchy melodies with amazingly raw tones to coexist so seamlessly and beautifully!

    In 2021-22 he released a series of stunning singles, recruiting guest stars along the way. The collaborative process soon became an essential and joyous part of his creative realm. At the end of the day, nasmore is a role model: an example to follow for all the dreamers and everyone who is committed to living a life filled with creative fulfillment and following their passion, no matter what! He is a true artist who definitely deserves the audience's full attention, especially as he is a catalyst that brings so many different talents together due to his frequent artistic collaborations.

    “Welcome to the Hell” is a no-brainer for fans of artists like Imagine Dragons, Francis Moon and Olivia Rodrigo, only to mention a few. This is the kind of track that will surprise you with its sonic variety, and it will keep you on the edge of your seat due to its catchy yet unpredictable arrangement.

    Join nasmore, Neil Taylor and La Strange as they combine their talents into a memorable moment in time & deliver an anthem stocked & loaded with a single-worthy sound that'll shake the walls around you.

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  • nasmore – “When Will I Learn”- an impactful sonic compound, embellished with superb six-string digressions!

    nasmore – “When Will I Learn”- an impactful sonic compound, embellished with superb six-string digressions!

    August 7, 2022

    If you want an insight into why “When Will I Learn”, by Canadian composer and musician, nasmore, sounds the way it does, look no further than the track’s features. nasmore has once again brought in the magnificent voice of Cris Hodges to handle lead vocals, and also extended an invite to legendary guitarist Neil Taylor whose credits include Tears for Fears, Robbie Williams, Tina Turner, Metallica, Kylie Minogue, Phil Collins, and Chris De Burg.

    As expected, right off the cuff, the production is on par with any big budget modern pop-rock release, which makes for an incredible experience when listening in good headphones or a nice home theater system. The powerful lyrical content is also in line with what we’ve all come to expect from a nasmore release.

    So much can be said about nasmore. Many strong opinions have already been shared, in reviews, magazines, blogs, social media and elsewhere. One effect of all this, is that the entire music world has its eye on nasmore, and he certainly does not delude on “When Will I Learn”.

    Modern and sleek, yet still baring emotional vulnerability, nasmore has created a single that few others artists dare to make. He exemplifies those true artists, who are forever challenging themselves and their audience.

    “When Will I Learn”, is another two-track single, where the opening cut “When Will I Learn (The Story)” lays out the storyline with a spoken word narrative over an epic ambient-like rock soundscape.

    The themes of loss, deception, and mystery, abound as the story unfolds and runs its course. It offers the perfect tone and introduction to the vocal version, which puts the audience squarely in nasmore’s sonic oeuvre. This is a song made for the composer’s larger-than-life musical vision.

    “When Will I Learn” ft. Cris Hodges & Neil Taylor revolves around what made forward-thinking epic rock the formidable force it once was: complex instrumental dynamics, and soaring vocals harmoniously compressed to form an impactful sonic compound, embellished with superb six-string digressions.

    Its a multifaceted, yet accessible sonic effort, cleverly melding an intense corpus of influences which filtered through the exquisite songwriting talents of nasmore. It goes without saying, pure songwriting talent wouldn’t do much without the assistance of an equally great line-up.

    Cris Hodges has the kind of voice that you can listen to with your entire body. The notes enter through your ears, but they seismically extend in all directions from there onward. His is a representation of exceedingly strong and lucid vocals. Neil Taylor on guitar brings all of the fire and grit residing in his skillset, into the solo, which serves as the song’s grand finale.

    All-round, on “When Will I Learn”, nasmore once again presents an outrageously impressive amount of talent, and has the ability to carry chills down your spine, with the direction his music travels. The music is uncompromising, emotional and technical.

    Every transition sounds like a challenge to anyone trying to pin nasmore down. It’s an intense and satisfying push and pull between passionate verses, changing time signatures, and arena rock choruses. “When Will I Learn” captures the fervor and electricity of nasmore’s creativity.

    More about nasmore: Canadian-based nasmore grew up constantly attached to his stereo system & the instruments surrounding him, fully immersed within the music of all kinds as a listener while teaching himself the fundamentals of how to write and play his own songs. Deciding at the very start of his career to keep his options open to every opportunity in an effort to create music unlike any other. In early 2021 nasmore finally chose to turn his wildest dreams into his daily reality – permanently.

  • nasmore Releases New Music ‘When Will I Learn

    nasmore Releases New Music ‘When Will I Learn"

    July 28, 2022

    Very so often I’m introduced to a musician, and immediately I yearn for whatever they have next. My introduction to them is one that solidifies me as a fan. I feel an immediate kinship to the music that’s permeating my ears. Well, ‘When Will I Learn’ is most definitely a qualifier for being a song that fits into that category, and nasmore has earned a place in my headspace as I eagerly look forward for whatever comes next from this outstanding collection of musical maestros.

    Nasmore on this track alone absolutely screams talent. He exudes top caliber musicianship cultivating a masterpiece that belongs blaring out of the loudest speakers in the largest stadium that one could find. The production on this track is on such a high level that it’s damn near immeasurable. The expert assembly of all the intricate pieces that play a part in this song is something to behold. The topic of the narrative within the song is also one for the ages. It tackles concepts of reciprocation. Karmic payback and ones yearning for more. These are concepts that while heavy, are also extremely relatable.

    Nasmore recruited the exact right components to help propel the anthemic tonality of the song into the stratosphere. He’s brought on Cris Hodges, whose voice is on a level all its own with remarkable range. It’s rough and gritty with a weighty level of expressiveness needed for this song. Then to add icing onto the already overloaded cake, Nasmore recruited Neil Taylor, a guitarist who has a long and distinguished career behind his name. From being a former member of Tears For Fears to working with Tina Turner. His guitar licks are mesmerizing and fierce as they invade your mental and plant a flag as they make themselves at home within your psyche. Taylor’s riffing on the guitar will stick with you long after the song ends, much like every other aspect of this magnificent song will.

  • nasmore – “Safe in my Dreams (reborn)” – a myriad of sounds, textures and techniques

    nasmore – “Safe in my Dreams (reborn)” – a myriad of sounds, textures and techniques

    July 4, 2022

    The new 2-track EP by Canadian based songwriter, musician and producer, nasmore, “Safe in my Dreams (reborn)”, has its origins in the original recording of “Safe In My Dreams” featuring Eastern European singer Dana Miuccia, and legendary guitarist Neil Taylor – a former Tears for Fears and Robbie Williams band member. The single, which garnered 100K streams on Spotify in just one month, is imbued with an ethereal, rolling melody, accompanied by emotive guitars, sweeping strings and beautiful pianos. The song consistently makes shifts between bold statements and quiet reflection. Apart from the enhancing instrumental and vocal elements brought to the mix by the featured artists, the power of the song lies in its prevailing narrative and immersive cinematic aura.

    Now if you thought that nasmore had reached the pinnacle of his creative expression with the first chapter of the song, then think again. The 2-track EP, featuring the songs “Safe in my Dreams” (ft. Maltesse), and “Safe in my Dreams – The Story”, actually manage to scale the heights, and even surpass those set by the previous release. As with much of nasmore’s work, the EP is the result of a myriad of sounds, textures and techniques, which are strung together expertly and imaginatively.

    “Safe in my Dreams (reborn)” is lush and richly detailed enough to lose oneself in, with sonic levels pitched perfectly in the sweet spot between cinematic ambience and emotional storytelling.

    It is impossible to imagine a track like “Safe in my Dreams” (ft. Maltesse) failing to ignite a listener’s fancy, regardless of genre preference. This is music that transcends genre boxing. In the instant that Maltesse introduces the enchanting melody with her smooth and soulful croon, the auditory magic becomes absolutely mesmerizing.

    Moreover, it’s nasmore’s mastery at moulding the instrumental and melodic elements, as he blends the essential with the embellishing, along with his instinctive control of mood and nuance, that makes this track so hypnotic.

    Again, the lyrical narrative is an indispensable part of the song, which draws us into a dark and haunting dreamscape of contrasting distinctions between love and loss, as well as the essence of reality and imaginary. The most awe-inducing moments arrive with Maltesse’s stunning vocal interpretation of these elements.

    In “Safe in my Dreams – The Story”, nasmore somehow manages to bottle all of the magic of the vocal version into this spoken word track, which is enhanced by the meticulous narrator. The story is one of passion, treachery, death and escape.

    “She wasn’t surprised to see him in the room. She wasn’t surprised when her target joined him and engaged in intimate conversation. He was so beautiful. The memory of his taste hadn’t entirely left her lips as she set about assembling her sniper rifle,” are words that form part of the narration, and give us an immediate insight into the complexities at hand.

    Behind the evocative spoken word narration, nasmore’s skillset once again highlights the fact that he remains unchallenged when it comes to his ability to create a sound that is at once full-bodied, warm, and filled with textures that enrich the storyline. nasmore’s growth, has seen a rapid and consistent progression, each record building beautifully on the last. “Safe in my Dreams (reborn)” is no exception.

    For those in search of expansive soundscapes that heighten the emotive and aural spectrum of pure sensory pleasure, “Safe in my Dreams (reborn)” is rare manna from the sonic heavens. Moving forward, nasmore’s music continues to inspire introspection and contemplation among listeners. It’s hard to imagine a scenario in which this latest EP release will not garner the critical acclaim it so wholeheartedly deserves.

  • nasmore – Singles

    nasmore – Singles

    June 21, 2022

    If you tuned into the latest episode of the SBS Podcast, you would have heard us spin Canadian-based artist nasmore’s single “Mind In A Maze” on the show, along with a bunch more of my thoughts on how this dude has been setting himself up for a lifelong adventure in the journey of making music.  You run into folks like nasmore every so often within the independent scene…people that are looking for some sort of meaningful change or shift in the direction of the life they’ve been livin’ – essentially, people that know, deep down, that they were born & destined for something else, whatever that may be.  Ever since I started listening to nasmore’s music last year through the series of breakout singles he released over the course of 2021, I’ve been able to sense the desire & passion driving him…to be truthful, I think these are attributes of his songwriting that you can hear finds their way into every tune he’s put out so far.

    There’s a real humble, open, honest, and willingly vulnerable artist in nasmore…one that’s ready to take on whatever the next phase of his journey in life throws at him, and unafraid to detail what he finds out.  The vast majority of the songs I’ve heard from him since he started droppin’em online, have revealed an artist with a whole lot of heavy things weighing in on his mind, but the courage to speak up about what he’s been going through as well…and ultimately, that’s giving him every opportunity to connect with YOU.  For you see dear readers, dear friends – there’s a very solid chance you’ll find a lot of what nasmore chooses to write about is highly relatable, real, and very close to home…personal songs that cast an even wider net to catch & captivate us all through substantial material that has genuine meaning – that’s what we’re talkin’ about.  And then every once in a while he’ll pump out a tune like “Let’s Get Freaky” to mix it up thematically & add a lil’ late-night mischief & fun too – just like I told ya on the SBS Podcast, the man goes where the music takes him, and his attention to detail has been second to none.

    Please follow this link to continue reading.


  • nasmore drops “#the_deal”

    nasmore drops “#the_deal”

    June 20, 2022

    Canadian artist nasmore grew up immersed in music, constantly attached to the instruments surrounding him and teaching himself how to write and play his own songs. Armed with his new musical skills, his ever adventurous spirit gave him the courage and determination to explore and experiment with anything and everything new to him.

    Developing his abilities over many years, he’s now carved out a name for himself as a prolific pop rock artist. Over 2021 he released a string of instrumental singles before making the pivotal decision to collaborate with guest stars, beginning a new process that soon became an essential part of the profound joy he discovered within the creative realm.


    With every step he takes he aims to push his creative boundaries further still. His authenticity as an artist has allowed him to seamlessly flow between the best elements of pop, hip hop, rock, R&B and even classical styles.

    One of his recent collaborations comes with his new single titled “#the_deal” which sees nasmore work with RyanMusiq. Delivering another hard hitting rap rock piece, on “#the_deal” nasmore creates a punchy modern anthem full of energy and powerful vocals with catchy hooks.


  • nasmore ft. Cris Hodges & Beaux – “Adrenalin Storm” evokes emotion with euphoric, addicting melodies!

    nasmore ft. Cris Hodges & Beaux – “Adrenalin Storm” evokes emotion with euphoric, addicting melodies!

    June 20, 2022

    nasmore delivers again, with the “Adrenalin Storm” EP, drawing upon a global collection of genres like pop, rock and hip-hop, and molding them into a track that feels distinctly original and visceral. The choice and blending of nasmore’s vocal features is a key feature throughout his rich catalog, and is no less important on this recording. The music creator chooses his collaborations carefully and here adds the immense talents of Cris Hodges, who has an almost infinite vocal range, as well as the stunning spitting skills of Beau. Together, these three are like a breath of fresh air for the music scene. nasmore really challenges the music industry by genre weaving and creating a sonic blend that will leave most breathless.

    “Adrenalin Storm” conjugates the idea that music from different stylings can be resonant with each other and circulate in a way that takes listeners across borders. It’s creator, nasmore, has a keen sense for how to make music that is gripping and sonically layered. Moreover, the collaborative crew are also able to attach a tangible narrative onto nasmore’s already stellar gift for orchestrating the sound vibes. Hence, it doesn’t take very long for “Adrenalin Storm” to transport its listeners on a few different aesthetic routes.

    What holds everything together is nasmore’s ear for compelling production and masterful songwriting, which makes the track flow almost flawlessly, as it tackles some of the world’s most debilitating issues we currently have at hand. The lyrics leave a lasting impression, and hit you hard the moment you absorb them. “Give me a second, to gain my composure. I don’t know when all of this will be ovеr. Nothing will ever really bе the same. This deadly virus in the vein.”

    Cris Hodges evokes emotion with euphoric, addicting melodies perfectly suited for the mainstage especially when paired with the nasmore production fireworks. When Hodges reaches for a high note, he really hits it out of the park. “Calamity and chaos. It’s like everyday. After the storm comes down. It’s a brighter way. Happiness it feels so. So far away. But everything will work out. It will be okay,” sings Cris Hodges, as his voice soars way above the skies.

    Between the driving production and the abrasive vocal grit of Cris Hodges, Beau does sterling job of grounding the track with a sublime, nuanced flow, and words of wisdom: “We just trying to survive. Hoping that we stay alive. Cannot connect with my friends. So we connecting online. After the storm is a brighter day. We gotta make it and find a way.” Beau maintains a steady, well-metered momentum, making sure the song doesn’t skid off the rails.

    nasmore, Cris Hodges, and Beau is one of those powerhouse collaborations you never really expect to happen, but makes perfect sense when it does. “Adrenalin Storm” proves that nasmore has the material and creative mind to make music in a distinctive way. Continually progressing forward, nasmore has comfortably stepped outside genre bounds, while beautifully straddling his own unique sound. Hard banging drums, resonant pianos, expansive guitars and emotional strings all come together to form a scintillating backdrop for the EP, which offers both a vocal and an instrumental version of “Adrenalin Storm”.

    More about nasmore: Canadian-based nasmore grew up constantly attached to his stereo system & the instruments surrounding him, fully immersed within the music of all kinds as a listener while teaching himself the fundamentals of how to write and play his own songs. Deciding at the very start of his career to keep his options open to every opportunity in an effort to create music unlike any other. In early 2021 nasmore finally chose to turn his wildest dreams into his daily reality – permanently. The rest is history still in the writing.

  • nasmore ft Dana Miuccia & Neil Taylor – Safe in My Dreams (2022)

    nasmore ft Dana Miuccia & Neil Taylor – Safe in My Dreams (2022)

    June 20, 2022

    nasmore packed a fiery build of love and relationship challenges in ‘Say Goodbye’ before slithering into our brains with ‘Adrenaline Storm’. Now, with the help of Dana Miuccia and Neil Taylor, he is capturing the feeling of losing someone we hold dear and the icy chill that follows in ‘Safe in My Dreams’. With a touch of James Bond theme songs, the single takes us on a disembodied journey, viewing life from afar.

    Hauntingly beautiful and a bit surreal, the single draws us into an icy world of loneliness broken only by the dreams of what could have been but never will be. The soulful vocals of Miuccia breathes life into the wisps of memories, while the guitar prowess of Taylor adds an undeniable depth to the sound. Added to nasmore’s shifting artistic style and you are left with a single that captures your senses and has you hooked from start to finish.

    ‘Safe in My Dreams’ yawns open, leading you to the beautifully dark tones of the piano line. There is something about this piano line that reaches into your chest and lightly squeezes your heart. As the strings enter, you are drawn into an elegant and rich soundscape. While there is an undeniable richness to the sound, there is also a floating feeling. This floating is interesting because it carries a sense of detachment like you are seeing something through a foggy window and can’t reach the other side. Halfway through the single, the melody takes a darker turn as rock vibrations join the richness. It is a rather epic melody that holds you in place and makes you want to continue listening. The blend of dark and rich is utterly perfect as is the fusion of cinematic flows and dark-pop sensibilities.

    As the piano leads you into the single, Miuccia’s vocals swirl like a chilly fog across your skin. Her voice is haunting and powerful like a ghostly touch running up your spine. She effortlessly draws you into the icy loneliness of loss before turning your attention to what could have been. There is a really bittersweet feeling to her performance at times, as she considers how safe it is in your dreams compared to the harshness of reality. Her performance really does have a James Bond vibe to it and only grows in power as the single progresses.

    With the help of Dana Miuccia and Neil Taylor, nasmore draws us into chilly loneliness and the bittersweet warmth of dreams in ‘Safe in My Dreams’. The melody is elegant and rich as it swirls like a fog that keeps you from the happy images on the other side. Miuccia’s vocals are incredibly rich, smooth and powerful as she balances icy loneliness with the dreams that can never be.

    Find out more about nasmore on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.



  • When Will I Learn

    Various Artists

    July 2022

    From devastating emotions to insightful lyricism that details a genuine yearning for there to be more to life than there is, nasmore’s penchant to dare to tackle issues & themes that others are afraid to address directly makes songs like “When Will I Learn” as hauntingly relatable as they are. Fueled by fired-up musicianship, including a sensational guitar solo via the talents of ace axe-man Neil Taylor, and serious punch added into every syllable sung by Cris Hodges making another appearance in nasmore’s rapidly growing catalogue, their skills combined together as one creates an epic experience so vivid, sensory & real, that it’s more than memorable – it’s like you lived it.


Say Goodbye

When Will I Learn

From When Will I Learn

Welcome to the Hell

Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?

Little Monster


Hold Your Secrets


  • nasmore, Neil Taylor, La Strange - Welcome to the Hell (Lyrics Video)

    "Welcome to the Hell" by nasmore and Neil Taylor, featuring La Strange. Released on Records, SK, Canada. ©2023

  • nasmore - When Will I Learn (feat. Cris Hodges, Neil Taylor) [Official music video]