Rooky Kamiz

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Oghenerukevwe jegede-ikpen
Regina, SK

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Growing up Nigerian, OgheneRukevwe “Rooky” Jegede-Ikpen also known as Kamiz is a blend of creative juices ranging from Photography , literature and popularly .. Music.

He expresses his emotions through rhythmic Melodies and passionate lyricism. His style of mixing Afro elements with Rhythm and blues gives his musical expression a unique taste.

In 2020, He Debuted his 7 Tracked EP titled “Worlds Apart” EP which premiered in over numerous radio stations around Nigeria and Canada such as CBC Saskatchewan, CBC Music, CJTR Regina, Masterclass radio Calgary, Beat fm Abuja, Rhythm Fm Benin , Vibes fm Benin amongst other notable media and TV stations around the world.

In 2021, Rooky was nominated as the “HipHop Artist of the Year” at the Prestigious Saskatchewan Music Awards 2021 , making him a fast emerging talent to keep an eye out for in the future.

Asides creating music, Rooky spends his hobbies freezing time through photography, reading and writing random literature or playing video games.



  • Worlds Apart E.P

    Various Artists

    September 2020

    Rooky Is an Urban RNB/HipHop/Afro Artist based in Canada, blurring the line between African culture and Western influences. Rooky, who has always been an artist/entertainer even from his early days in university, tells a tale of love, hustle, and infatuation as seen on his debut EP “Worlds Apart”. He features artists like Camilla, Bonfice, Outré, Lato, etc

    This EP is a glorious, delicious stew of talents. The combination of different world views and experiences Rooky has gathered from living in Nigeria to moving to Canada inspired him greatly and led to the EP title.


    Various Artists

    March 2022

    Satori is a Japanese Buddhist Term which means the experience of awakening (“enlightenment”) or apprehension of the true nature of reality. It is derived from the Japanese verb “to know” (satoru) Often considered an experience which cannot be expressed in words.

    Satori as a musical project portrays a musical cocktail influenced by the themes of heartbreak, love , lust and self awareness.

    It is a melodic journey of mixed emotions , the feeling of strength in vulnerability , willingness to accept one’s role in toxic attachments as well as moving on from those unhealthy ties , the freedom of expression and the self awareness that you are more than enough in your search for love ,happiness and comfort.

    The Project was made in a life...

  • Summer 22

    Various Artists

    July 2022

    This music project is inspired by the nostalgia of summer Pre- Covid times and how the world wasn’t sure when they’ll get that summer vibe again. The year 2022 ushers in a new summer feeling, making it the perfect time for this EP. Rooky kicks start the EP with “Dangerouz” the song is a fast-paced rhythmic bop that will get you up on your feet at first listen. He slows it a bit with the melodious “Disconnect”, once again showing his versatility to different sounds. ‘All vibes on God” is a rhythmic sonorous Afro-sound, a mix of Rap and Caribbean sound. The song is a booster for positive vibes, overcoming challenges, and steadfastness in all dealings in life.

    Dangerouz was produced by Cools, Disconnect was produced by Tony Andrew, and A...


    Various Artists

    February 2024

    Renowned for his mesmerizing melodies and captivating lyrics, Rooky Kamiz has again
    enraptured fans with the highly-anticipated release of their latest album, “IRIDESCENT." This
    album promises a musical journey packed with soulful tunes and evocative storytelling.
    Featuring 9 tracks that traverse a spectrum of emotions and themes, "IRIDESCENT" showcases
    the depth and versatility of Rooky's artistic prowess. From haunting ballads to upbeat anthems,
    each song is a testament to their passion for creating music that resonates with listeners
    Drawing inspiration from personal experiences and universal truths, Rooky has crafted an album
    that speaks directly to the human condition. 



  • CNTRL - official Music video

    Rooky gives a captivating performance in this amazing official video for CNTRL, his first single of his EP, "Worlds Apart". Shot in a state of the art castle, the video further demonstrates the emotional tension between Rooky and his love interest. With his soothing melodies and adlibs, this track is sure to have you in a trance. Prod by: Spykida Shot by: Royal Z Visuals Directed by: PCB Mixed and Mastered: PCB For more music from Rooky, kindly visit

  • Inna Eyes