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Dave Wiebe
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JUSTDAVEthe1 is a hip-hop artist born in Bangladesh; raised in Saskatchewan, that shares a positive message of inspiration through his music. He is a founder of the Saskatchewan based Artist Group known as Definitive Collective. The goal of the group is to spread positivity but more-so the awareness to all that anyone can find the light inside them needed to find their way out of the dark.

Judge no one. Unify Yourself. Speak Honestly. Try Always. Do Good. Ask Anything. Value Life. (and) Embark Bravely.


The goal of my music is to give listeners a fresh, unique, and, most importantly, positive experience in hip-hop. Avoiding main-stream rap culture trends (i.e. nice cars, bling, etc.) and encouraging personal growth and community building. The aim is to advocate as a voice of motivation for those who have gone through similar life struggles as my own but may not have the courage to speak up and start the conversations necessary for solvable societal issues to be fixed. I love rhyming and being a "wordsmith" of sorts. I create pieces of unique art consisting of my own original lyrics rehearsed to my favorite rhythms. I have quite extensive catalogue of music and content to enjoy on Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and other streaming services.




    Various Artists

    September 2021

    If you have ever given up after giving your all, then right from the first song, this album will make you feel you deserve to build your dreams. If you are looking for inspiring music that will help you become the greatest version of yourself, then KEEP BUILDING is just that. Start to finish, this album reminds listeners to use the experiences of their life that have challenged them to be inspired into everlasting confidence. It is the inspiration you have been looking for!