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Dave Wiebe
Box 680
Langham, SK, S0K 2L0

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"Rising star JUSTDAVEthe_1, known offstage as Dave Wiebe, has quickly made waves in the local music scene as a signed artist with REMEDY MUSIC for his second consecutive year. With an impressive accolade as the 3rd place winner of ARTIST OF THE YEAR for REMEDY MUSIC, his journey is marked by relentless innovation and an unparalleled commitment to quality.

Judge no one. Unify Yourself. Speak Honestly. Try Always. Do Good. Ask Anything. Value Life. (and) Embark Bravely.


In 2024, JUSTDAVEthe_1 embarked on his second tour across Western Canada, showcasing his unique blend of healing, positive All Ages Hip-Hop to an ever-widening audience. Currently, he is pouring his soul into his debut vinyl record, "EERIE SKIES," a project that promises to elevate his music to new heights. With an unprecedented number of shows booked for the year, JUSTDAVEthe_1 stands at the forefront of the genre, offering performances infused with diversity and an unmatched quality of craft.

Originally born in Bangladesh and having been raised in Saskatchewan, JUSTDAVEthe_1's music resonates with a healing, positive message that transcends age and background. His career and efforts have culminated to this year of milestones where his new found collaboration with a versatile band and acclaimed Saskatoon musicians—Saul Chabot, Torrin Staples, and Christine Johnston—will ensure every performance is a rich tapestry of genres, including Jazz, Blues, Folk, Reggae, and Indie Rock elements all while maintaining the core authenticity of Hip-Hop.

JUSTDAVEthe_1's dedication to creating a comprehensive Hip-Hop experience is evident in every beat, lyric, and melody. Integrating elements of Jazz, Blues, and more, he crafts a sound as diverse as his audience. His lyrics, inspired by his rural upbringing and unique life perspective, focus on themes of personal growth, community, and mental health advocacy, steering clear of mainstream rap clichés.

As JUSTDAVEthe_1 continues to redefine the boundaries of Hip-Hop, his work not only entertains but connects, uplifts, and inspires change. His commitment to a positive Hip-Hop culture that is inclusive and accessible to all keeps the genre's spirit alive, fostering a space of unity and healing through the power of music."


  • Jaw-Dropping Hip-Hop Show Success in Saskatoon!

    Jaw-Dropping Hip-Hop Show Success in Saskatoon!

    April 1, 2023

    The evening of Saturday, March 25th was a magical time at Paved Arts on 20th street in Saskatoon, SK. The All Ages Hip-Hop Show hosted by JUSTDAVEthe1 and Friends was wonderful event for everyone to be alive and let all their ideas come to play; it was surely a sight to behold. The entire set was made to look like a living room rehearsal space, complete with a couch, computer desk, office chair, bean bag, furniture, posters, and even a mini trampoline! An interactive and comfy home vibe was felt right from the beginning and played into the finale at the end in a great way.

    There was so much different music performed throughout the night and many different moods that made the setting feel right. Local artists Lucci Lu and BTHEGHOST of Ill Human Nation were an exciting start to the show, bringing hip hop to pop and r&b, then onto a style with roots in boom bap, from John Paradis, and artist previously known as JAWN RAW. Next after a short break, was the locally known spoken word and hip hop talent Loud Voice. Then, the arstist Luced TRIP brought in a wavy summer vibe, ending the set with Prevail, BONE CRATE BEATS original. Everyone was feeling the dance grooves and enjoyed how each artist was bringing chill vibes to join along with. Playing alongside Jonathon Karabekian was Donny Crash Bones and together they performed a set as BONE CRATE to give an experience they both want to bring out to more shows with an atmosphere of keeping it mysterious; unknown but still respected. JUSTDAVEthe1 closed down the night with a very theatrical set so full of surprises that it felt real. Till the end of the night the passion never stopped. The tracks were a due-needed note to self and a reference to "not beat yourself up" as alluded in the track "Prevail" earlier that night. The motive and creation was a beautiful story. Thanks to a team of volunteers and talented people helping everything work out, the night was a success and everyone left with happy faces. Keep eyes and ears open for info about the next "QUIET IN THE REHEARSAL SPACE" live Hip-Hop event near you!




    Various Artists

    September 2021

    If you have ever given up after giving your all, then right from the first song, this album will make you feel you deserve to build your dreams. If you are looking for inspiring music that will help you become the greatest version of yourself, then KEEP BUILDING is just that. Start to finish, this album reminds listeners to use the experiences of their life that have challenged them to be inspired into everlasting confidence. It is the inspiration you have been looking for!


  • The Delivery

    Various Artists

    August 2022

    Packaged and delivered to each and every human of earth.
    This collection of modern age hip hop tracks are the products of crafting a new genre titled, "Space Jazz Hop".

    A message of acknowledgement over ignorance; wrapped into an uncanny groove that can have anyone of any age moving to the rhythm.
    Is what I offer you, "Colossal", or "Regular"...?
    Are the vibes in the tracks making you feel, "Tenacious" or perhaps "Upgraded"...?
    Listen through and by the end ponder on how you feel.

    Consider this entire album a hand written letter to you personally, the listener; as well as an open invitation to connect with me about how the album influenced you or to even just talk and get to know eachother.

  • The Routine Mixtape

    Various Artists

    March 2023

    The Routine, my newest project, brings more light into a specific scope of self-care, our routine habits. Boom-bap and alternative style hip hop genres shine in these fresh full length record. These projects communicate who I really am, using positivity and showmanship to bring a new and duly needed addressing of our bad habits. I use the method of firstly and always relaying every lyric to myself as if I were performing for my reflection. This way, I always have the foundation of self-care established any time the music plays or I get to perform it.

    Available as a private, non-profit release; link provided upon request.



From The Delivery


From The Delivery


  • Hydration (Original Lyrical Audio Visual Experience)

    The Routine: STEP 2: HYDRATION

    "My savings consist Of a rhyme canyon More than enough Dreams to fill it and 1 canteen for hydration"

    Song was produced by DJ GRUMBLE and KID VISION BEATS

    Vocal recording was done by KAYMEN BEAR.

    The video was recorded by CHRISTINE JOHNSON and CLARK GAMELIN at REMEDY MUSIC @remedymusicyxe, the editing was done by CLARK GAMELIN, and the LYRICS in the video were edited by DAVE WIEBE.

    Filmed on location at WASKESIU, SK, right in front of the frozen l...

  • Booster Cables (Original Audio Visual Experience)

    Ever needed a friend to give ya boost? Consider this song the boost you have been looking for!

    Video Credits: . Videographer (filming and editing)---- Matticulous Media 

    Song Credits: . Beat Producer.......BONE CRATE BEATS

                             Mixing and Mastering .... DAVE WIEBE

    Big appreciation to MATTICULOUS MEDIA for this amazing piece of work. I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to work with an amazingly talented person. Cheers to more of these masterpieces!