Dan Cugnet

Categories: Musicians: Vocalist, Solo Artists, Songwriters/Composers

Genres: Country, Folk


Dan Cugnet
Weyburn, SK


Dan has always had music in his life. His diverse music appreciation has evolved into songwriting and composing focused on Country Western Music and themes. The music is rooted in his life and love of the Prairies...and an extension of all those things around him.

Stampedin'-Scrappin'-Kickin'-Buckin'-Spittin'-Gun-Slingin'-Snortin'-Rockabilly-Outlaw-Drag-Em-Out-High-Noon-Spaghetti-Western style....with a dose of introspection and philosophy from time to time.

Party Songs, Prairie Songs, Mountain Songs, Rodeo Songs....Country Music...that sort of thing.