Aurora Bella

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Aurora Bella
Saskatoon, SK


Singer-songwriter Aurora Bella plays piano, acoustic and electric guitar, and ukulele. She is also the lead singer and rhythm guitar player for the band Little Darkness.  Aurora Bella’s songs explore personal stories and societal observations, often through the lens of relevant themes in mythology or literature. Her original tunes are rooted in an indie/rock base that evokes artists like Regina Spektor, and Feist, while her distinct vocal style, masterful hooks and dynamic groove offer a fresh musical approach.


“(Aurora) Bella’s cathartic writing and dreamy, effortless voice combine to candidly capture her sorrow and loss. Her flair for old fashioned vocal melodies and the uniquely wistful violin-ukulele arrangement posit the song firmly among the alternative singer songwriters redefining the genre.” Will Yannacoulias, North Sask Music Zine, Aug 2022.

“The young indie singer-songwriter based in Saskatoon . . . has carved out a fun niche for herself. The slick vocals and smooth acoustic accompaniment pair perfectly with (her) raw lyrics.” Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Oct 16, 2020

“(Aurora) Bella’s solo style is a dreamy alt-rock kind of sound, heavy on strings and filled to the brim with creativity. Her music is plaintive and powerful, and she’s a performer to keep an eye on as her career keeps progressing. Isolation can’t stop creativity, and Bella is a great young talent.” Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Apr 23, 2020.




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