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Genres: Adult Contemporary, Alternative, Pop, Urban


Isaac Atayero
83 McNab Crescent
Regina, SK, S4S 4B3

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ADEOLUWA started making music during his freshman year in high school. He joined Prep Vox, the school chorus, where he refined his vocal skills. He signed up for songwriting classes to translate his love for writing into a passion for making songs. In his senior year, he created his debut E.P., Saved By The Sound.

After weeks of coaxing the computer, hours of consultations, a photoshoot, a stage name, a gorgeous website and many sleepless nights, he released "Saved By The Sound", a triumph of epic proportions. After the release of Saved By The Sound, ADEOLUWA left New Jersey, USA and returned to his home country, Nigeria. Upon his return home, he experimented with both Western and African production and songwriting styles.

He has since released “Miracle” (2015), “All Roads” (2016), “Let Me In”(2018), “S’okan”(2019) and his debut album “After Bells and Whistles”(2019). He now lives in Regina, Canada and you can follow him @iambabacrown on all social media platforms and listen to his music on all music platforms.