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Adeoluwa Atayero
Grant Road
Grant Road
Regina, SK, S4S 5G6

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ADEOLUWA is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and communications specialist. A genre-bending phenomenon, ADEOLUWA refers to his music as "experimental Afro-fusion" because of the many influences from which he draws inspiration such as Adekunle Gold, Stephen Schwartz, Jonathan McReynolds and ASA. His debut E.P., Saved By The Sound, was released in 2013 in the US under the stage name "Ade". After the release of his E.P. He relocated to Nigeria where he released “Miracle” (2015), “All Roads” (2016), “Let Me In”(2018), “S’okan”(2019) and  his debut album “After Bells and Whistles”(2019).

Now residing in Regina, Saskatchewan, ADEOLUWA has since released “Dey Forever”, “Let Me In Remix”, “Escape”, his sophomore E.P., “while we wait”on September 11, 2020, as well as “The ADE Day” on November 3, 2020. The E.P. has garnered over 10k streams across streaming platforms. His IGTV series, ‘Vibes and Suya’, has been seen over 600 times. He has also been featured on D4WN’s ‘All I Know’ record and is the frontman of the Regina band, People of the Sun. The band performed at the iconic music venue, The Exchange, on August 31, 2020. In October 2020, he launched his second merchandise line and has received orders internationally.

ADEOLUWA has been featured in local publications like The Carillon, CBC, SaskMusic, as well as 49th Street, The Nation, Brandcrunch, The Lagos Review, Giftal World, Akahi News, and General News. ADEOLUWA got his own official Spotify radio station in September and his song, ‘Escape’, gained over 1k streams on AudioMack three days after it debuted and over 1k streams on Apple Music less than a month after it was released. In July 2020, he launched a YouTube series called #DiscoverTheABAWAlbum, where he discussed how he created his debut album, ‘After Bells and Whistles.’ His music has been playlisted on over 30 playlists on various musical platforms all over the world on lists such as Apple Music Chill Playlist, Afro JukeBox, Verified Standards, Rooky Radio, Her Mother’s Daughter, and Chill Life Wave. His songs have also been played on CBC, CJTR, and Bowen Radio.

ADEOLUWA has also led teams in charge of promotional and rollout campaigns for artists such as TOVA, Tomide, The Skinny Nerd, Oboise and Kotrell. He has also been in charge of creative direction for photoshoots, concerts and music videos for his musical project, as well as other artistes.

Based in Canada, ADEOLUWA continues to invent new soundscapes and share his experiences through his music. With over 20,000 streams, ADEOLUWA's music has steadily continued to impact music lovers all over the world. You can follow him @adeoluwamusic on all social media platforms and listen to his music on all music platforms.

Based in Canada, ADEOLUWA continues to invent new soundscapes and share his experiences through his music. With over 20,000 streams, ADEOLUWA's music has steadily continued to impact music lovers all over the world.


  • ADEOLUWA headlines hour-long set for SaskTel Max - maxTV Local Performance

    ADEOLUWA headlines hour-long set for SaskTel Max - maxTV Local Performance

    April 29, 2021

    Regina singer ADEOLUWA and his band “The ADEOLUWA Experience” recorded an hour-long set for SaskTel’s local television programming. They performed a total of 18 songs at the Mae Wilson Theatre in Moose Jaw, including “Escape” from his Saskatchewan Music Awards performance.

    The hour-long set features music from the singer’s 2018 debut album After Bells and Whistles, his 2013 EP Saved By The Sound, as well as an unreleased song, “All For You.” The performance also featured guest performers neo-soul singer TOVA, who sang a verse on “Old Ways,” and Hip Hop/R&B artiste, Melodna, who dueted with ADEOLUWA on “Never Show It.”

    The band consisted of Chilombo Mwela on backing vocals, Kristopher Craig (bass), Philippe Bouchard (Guitar), Alex Urzada (Keyboard), and Caleb Efere (Drums). When asked about the show, here’s what ADEOLUWA had to say:

    “It was a dream come true. This performance was something I have wanted to do for the longest time and to be able to do so, even during this pandemic, was truly a blessing,” he said.

    The show is now available on maxTV Local on Demand. It will also be featured on channels 46/346 on Saturday, May 8. The performance was produced by the crew at Bamboo Shots.



  • After Bells and Whistles

    Various Artists

    August 2019

    ADEOLUWA's SaskMusic Awards nominated debut album is a love story that begins from the honeymoon phase (Bells), goes through the sour patches of a love story (Whistles) and arrives at what happens after all the pomp and circumstance has ended.

    Elevated by punchy introspective lyrics, glossy features and dynamic production by Braynezee of NakedBeatz, "After Bells and Whistles" is a kaleidoscopic musical collage that takes you on an unforgettable journey of R&B, Soul, Afrobeat, EDM and pop.

    All songs were written by Isaac Adeoluwa Atayero.

    All songs were produced by Brian Okwesilieze Okorie.

  • while we wait

    Various Artists

    September 2020

    "while we wait" is a remix record of selections from ADEOLUWA's 2019 debut album, "After Bells and Whistles". Featuring six international collaborations, the project reinvents the year-old tunes and sets the scene for the new chapter of ADEOLUWA's musical journey.

    The project also features a mix of genres such as R&B, pop, trap and Afrobeats. The diversity of the project’s soundscape makes for an exciting and cohesive listen that is reflective of the personas who created it.


  • mars (Live at the Creative City Centre)

    Recent performance video live at the Creative City Centre of this Afro-fusion artist out of Regina! Track is off his 2021 EP, 'All for You', out on all major music platforms. Video by Shoot with Scrapes with audio by Keiran Semple.

  • Let Me Know

    "Let Me Know" is a thought-provoking visual narrative that follows ADEOLUWA as he carries out mundane tasks and runs errands while wrestling with the imminent heartbreak. The exquisite cinematography and carefully crafted scenes capture the artist's raw vulnerability, echoing the emotional rollercoaster that accompanies the end of a romantic relationship. With "Let Me Know," ADEOLUWA aims to strike a chord with listeners by baring his soul and sharing his personal experiences of heartache.