Categories: Solo Artists, Songwriters/Composers


Saskatoon, SK


At age two, Martina met a lifelong companion - diabetes.  Imagination, making up stories in her head, and singing along in private to anything and everything became early coping mechanisms.  As a preteen, she spent 3 years in organ lessons before life started taking her to the school of hard knocks. With an innate curiosity for how things work, and the healing power of music and writing, she made it through and is ready to give back something beautiful from the darkness.

Starting later in life in 2016, she began exploring several instruments, music theory, tracking and recording sound to bring life to decades of lyrics. Martina celebrated her first live performances fall 2018, and first in-studio recording Jan 2020, released May 2020.  She is constantly working on bring decades of lyrics to life and is eager to get out to perform them, and return to the studio for more releases.