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Carter Vosper
Box 626
Langenburg, SK, S0A 2A0

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Blu Beach Band is an indie rock group based out Langenburg and Esterhazy Saskatchewan, made up of teens Carter Vosper, Remi Berthelet, Eric Vosper, and Riley Buchberger. They have been performing together for 4 years under the name “The Firm”, until recently changing the name to Blu Beach Band due to copyright reasons. In the past year alone the group has opened for bands such as Trooper and Streetheart, played live on Telemiracle, and performed at over 30 local gigs, quickly gaining them a local following. The group began writing and recording, and producing their own music  2 years ago, releasing 2 singles under “The Firm”, and have now finished their debut album, Trail Mix, as Blu Beach Band which was recorded and produced by the band in their parents basements. The group plays a mix of rock, funk, and folk music, inspired by the many old tunes they have played at local cabarets and dances for years. Trail Mix released on October 31st, and is available for streaming everywhere.



  • Trail Mix

    Various Artists

    October 2019

    Blu Beach Band’s debut Album Trail Mix features 8 tracks that bring together elements of indie rock, old school funk, alternative, and folk music. Recorded by 4 Canadian teens in their parent's basements, the album shows inspiration from the 70's and 80’s rock on songs like Sooner Than Later and When They’re Away. Lyrically though, the album tackles modern themes of love and dealing with the changes that come with growing out of one’s youth. These elements blend together with clever yet catchy guitar riffs and lyrics, grooving bass-lines, overpowering harmonies, and stylish drumming to create a 34 minute musical bag of Trail Mix.



Do You Wanna Love Me

From Trail Mix


  • October Snow

    Blu Beach Band - October Snow Debut LP "Trail Mix" available everywhere October 31st

    Filmed by Frank Berthelet and Blu Beach Band in Esterhazy, SK

    Edited by Carter Vosper 

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