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The Evolution of Zayd

In his darkest days, it was always music that pulled him through.

Zayd is a new kind of Canadian rocker one who wants to be a shining light giving others the courage to look at their own mental health through his lyrics.

“I see music as a cause, a way to empower, to fight for your own mental health.”

Zayd’s life has been touched by suicide both in his immediate circle and in his heroes Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington and Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell. The prairie rocker doesn’t shy away from struggle instead he channels it into a battle cry. Sexual assault, depression, child abuse, he taps into the emotional turmoil of life to create.

“These things, they don’t discriminate. My music is about trauma, fighting with yourself, being different and how to cope. The only way I can keep myself and others on the right track is through my music. That’s my therapy.”

The moment he picked up a guitar, Zayd experienced the power music has to heal. He’s spent the last decade honing his craft in various groups first as a guitarist then as a songwriter. After all that time in the shadows, Zayd’s going solo with his original music. A rebirth that represents who he is and what he believes in.

From the raging guitar licks of his brand-new single Father to soul and EDM influences, Zayd crosses the barriers of traditional music genres. He won’t stop until he’s done the same with his audience.

“Each song, each story has the power to connect with people. I want my message of mental health and self-care spread throughout the world to all people.

 Take what you need from it, push on.”



  • Saskatoon Rock Artist, Zayd Releases Debut single

    Saskatoon Rock Artist, Zayd Releases Debut single "Father"

    April 6, 2020

    Father is a song based on a true personal story. It represents one of the most untold stories. Domestic violence is often labeled as a problem coming from broken families or those with lower social status. 

    In truth, violence can happen in any home no matter the race, religion, culture, social status or neighbourhood. It's important to be aware and report any suspected or actual cases. Violence can have long term consequences on victims particularly young children which can impact their mental health for many years to come. 

    ZAYD reveals part of his own story in the song as he is left to grapple with the aftermath. Father is a song that describes the long lasting effects of the rage, the hurt, and the depression that a person can be left feeling for years after. It can cause a person to feel hopeless, lost and unworthy. 

    Through his music, ZAYD aims to help those who have undergone similar situations. His goal is to help individuals along the path of healing by providing an outlet in his songs as well as the knowledge that there are others out there that have and are still fighting the same battle. Its about replacing the negative feelings with the positive feelings of hope, love and a brighter future ahead. It’s about raising awareness of mental health and your voice to protect children and other victims of abuse. 

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  • Father

    "Father" by Zayd

    Stream or Download:

  • Nevertheless

    Official music video of "Nevertheless" by Zayd

  • Silent Story

    Latest single & music video from this metal artist out of Regina! Track recorded at Nebulus Entertainment with video by Lampblack Studios with director Matt Reeb & cinematography Jeremy Ratzlaff.

  • Trapt (ft. FoxNest, Josh M, Andrew K. & Josh D.)

    Credits: Lyrics, Melody and Vocals by Zayd

    Bass by FoxNest

    Keys by Josh Mcdonald

    Drums by Andrew Kulcsar

    Guitars by Josh Daly

    Video by TandemX Visuals

    Studio: Nebulus Entertainment Produced by Jared Robinson