Greg Orrē

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Greg Torwalt
Saskatoon, SK

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Greg Orrē is an artist living in Saskatoon who explores the nature of things through songwriting, poetry, visual art, film and fashion. As the lead singer and keyboardist of Too Soon Monsoon since the end of 2016, Greg has released one full-length album, three EPs, and performed at Breakout West, Saskatchewan Jazz Festival, Winterruption, Big Winter Classic, and Ness Creek Music Festival (as well as a planned 2020 JUNOfest headlining show). Greg is continuing to create music with TSM and the band plans to release new music in 2021.


After Greg and Too Soon Monsoon drummer Nathan Henry finished writing Waves: We Provide What We Absorb, We Absorb What We Provide in the spring of 2018, Greg began to teach himself the guitar. As his fingers slowly callused and he became more familiar with common guitar chords, Greg invited himself to write songs only using the acoustic guitar. This new style of writing and singing led to a prolific period of creation, and the start of a new solo project titled I Am In It. As a classically trained pianist, Greg had relied on his piano for songwriting since the age of 16, so writing music on the guitar was a welcome challenge. During this period between spring 2018 to spring 2020, Greg also wrote and read a lot of poetry, much of which will be shared as a part of the I Am In It releases.

Following the release of Waves and the Western Canadian tour in support of the album, Greg purchased a 8-track recorder and found a beautiful second hand guitar for sale. In the fall of 2019, Greg travelled to Arlington Beach Camp to attend a “Songs for Nature” songwriting camp, facilitated by Megan Nash. Greg returned to Saskatoon a few days later inspired by his time in nature with like-minded songwriters, and more confident in his ability to write and perform music on the guitar. Two of the songs Greg wrote while on the beach at the songwriting camp are included on I Am In It: Volume One: “Yesterday” and “Always Carry”. As Greg continues to self-record from the red chair of inspiration with his lovely new guitar, he will be sharing albums, poetry collections and paintings as a part of the overall I Am In It project.

The first introduction to Greg Orrē begins on May 29, 2020 with the release of his first EP, Be Nice Be Sad Be Free. Listening to the new recordings, it is evident that Greg enjoys harmonies - mixing multiple layers of vocals throughout each song. On the upcoming debut album I Am In It: Volume 1, improvised piano is sprinkled behind steady rhythmic guitar and pulsating organ lines. The songs are sparse, but never empty, leaving room for Greg’s jazz-influenced vocals to shine. Some tracks begin with a simple fingersnap layered with a singing bowl and chanting rhythmic vocals, while other songs are full-blown productions featuring acoustic guitar, piano, organ, synth, percussion and dynamic vocals.

The release of the EP will be followed by the I Am In It releases - which includes three full-length albums and two poetry companion books.  I Am In It Vol 1 is planned for a summer 2020 release, with I Am In It Vol 2 and I Am In It Vol 3 to follow. The poetry companion books will be shared in between the album releases: I Am In It: a collection of poems that includes over 80 poems written between May-Sept 2018, and another book tentatively titled I Am In It (isolation) which includes over 30 poems written and reflected on during the thirty days of April 2020. 

The name Greg Orrē is a play on Greg’s full name, Gregory. For some reason (perhaps Gregory was too formal) Greg did not enjoy being called Gregory as a young kid. To this day, Greg’s dad will still sometimes refer to Greg in three syllables: “Greg  Orr  E!” with an emphasis on the “E” sound at the end of the name.  Since Orrē is fun to say and has the same amount of letters as his first name (Greg appreciates symmetry), Gregory the artist is now releasing art under the name Greg Orrē.