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Genres: Alternative, Pop, Rock


Aaron Seaman
462 Gladmer Cres
Saskatoon, SK, S7J 2X3

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Looking for the next big thing in Canadian rock music?? Look no further! Originally formed by Dylan Ferguson (drums/vocals) and Anthony Orr (guitar/vocals) in the small town of Meacham Saskatchewan, BOOMLAG quickly found their own brand of high energy rock. Dylan's brother Gabriel soon joined on bass and together, BOOMLAG wrote the basis for their first album, "Take to the Sky." Once Aaron Seaman joined the band as a guitarist, "Take to the Sky" was recorded and released in 2014. BOOMLAG’s sound is characterized by high energy rock riffs side by side with slow delicate moments, all of it layered with the vocal harmonies of Dylan Ferguson and Anthony Orr. Their songs can jump between genres at any given moment, keeping listeners on their toes. After taking some time to write, practice, play and of course raise funds, BOOMLAG was ready to hit the studio to record their 2018 EP titled “I’m Deathly Afraid of black holes And I Don’t Care Who Knows”. This four track EP shows a refined and (slightly) more mature BOOMLAG that is ready to take Canada by storm so stay tuned to catch their next show!



  • I'm Deathly Afraid Of Black Holes And I Don't Care Who Knows

    Various Artists

    August 2018

    After taking a couple years to practice, write and play, BOOMLAG is back at it with their new EP "I'm Deathly Afraid of Black Holes And I Don't Care Who Knows". This release has the same old high energy BOOMLAG paired with a refined, mature new sound. Enjoy!


  • BOOMLAG "It's Gonna Be A Show (TNT)" Live Performance Video

    BOOMLAG is finally on YouTube! checkout this live performance where they revisit their 2014 single "It's Gonna Be A Show (TNT)" Shot at Rainy Day Recording Co. with audio done by Matt Stinn (Friends of Foes) and video by Landon Johnson and Brandon White from Little Jack Films.