Hank's Tavern

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Hank Ukrainetz
17 Struan St.
Bradwell, SK, S0K 0C0

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Owned by Hank Ukrainetz, Hank's Tavern in Bradwell has taken home multiple awards for Nightclub of the Year at the Saskatchewan Country Music Awards, and the list of Saskatchewan artists who have come out to Hank’s Tavern is pretty endless. It includes No Fixed Address, Topher Mils, Aces Wyld, Shantaia Poulin, Stone the Witch, Wenches & Rogues, Penny Reign, Codie Prevost, Brody Siebert and Brock Andrews.

Ukrainetz's support for local talent has prompted some bigger names to perform in her bar, "One Bad Son has been out I think three or four times and Big Sugar has been out twice, that has been our biggest one and so that was quite a highlight to have them come once never mind come back again."

Promoting and supporting upcoming artists is something Ukrainetz has always made a priority throughout her life, and throughout the years she has spent as a bar owner.