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My love for arts started when I was only in grade 7. I started doing funny design work first, involving Pokemon and video game pictures! It went from just playing to more serious and design became a integral part of my creed. My dad was a photographer way back when before I was born, but had to hide away all his gear when I was born because I was a very mischievous boy, along with my brother. As I got older, I started to get into photography, and I was blessed with great classic film cameras that my dad had. A few years after shooting film, I got my first digital camera. Which has turned into many many cameras, and a lot of money spent.... 

I always look to better my craft, as I believe one can never stop learning. As time went on, I wanted to start doing video, it was a fresh challenge and I relished the opportunity. Keep up with me via Instagram, as it's the easiest method to keep up with me! 

Recorded music video for Silent Sea.