New Jacobin Club

Categories: Groups and Duos

Genres: Alternative, Rock


Saskatoon, SK


The New Jacobin Club is Western Canada's longest running shock rock/performance art ensemble, bringing to their infamous live shows an eye-popping array of visual theatrics including sword swallowing, fire breathing, and a range of stunts with torches machetes, and sledgehammers.  The NJC’s riffy and anthematic metal-edged gothic punk with dual male & female vocalists and highlighted by soaring electric cello has been described as “somewhere between the realms of  mid era Judas Priest and newer era Misfits” (Metal Maniacs) and has even received thumbs up from Canada’s independent music authority EXCLAIM!, calling the NJC style “fiery and imposing while still retaining a degree of intelligence and fore-thought.” 





  • Left Behind

    Various Artists

    June 2012

  • Soldiers of The Mark

    Various Artists

    September 2014

  • Anno XX Vivo (20th Anniversary Live)

    Various Artists

    January 2018

  • Music From Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

    Various Artists

    October 2019

  • The Final Entertainment Show

    Various Artists

    November 2008


Deceiver Heart

From Wicked City

Breath Like Wine

From This Treason


  • This Treason

    concept video shot by PCP Productions in co-operation with Paved Arts

    THE NEW JACOBIN CLUB & The Angry Teeth- "This Treason"
    off the album "This Treason"

  • The Creeping Flesh

    The Creeping Flesh" from The New Jacobin Club's album "Wicked City" available on Somnambulist Sound System (

  • Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (1920) "Opium Den"

    Excerpt from NEW JACOBIN CLUB's new original soundtrack for the 1920 silent film starring John Barrymore. CD and digital download available October 2019. Order the soundtrack off their website: