Kriss The Sky

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Kristina Gasparic-Block
Regina, SK

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Tribute to iconic women who rock and multi-genre rock hits through the ages.

 Be part of the music and experience returning back to your rock roots! Charismatic singer and keyboardist, Kristina, has an uncanny ability to keep her audience engaged with emotional, edgy vocals and non stop energy demanding attention along with the rhythmic backbeats and harmonics delivered by her talented bandmates. 

 Formerly as Sonic Orchid, Kristina and her bandmates released an EP in 2005 and a full length album in 2008 and also played hundreds of shows across the Prairie provinces, covering classic rock and hard rock hits.

 As Kriss The Sky, not only does this powerhouse group perform live, Kristina records her original works and cover arrangements as a solo artist as well as with her bandmates and other talented musicians. With the union between her piano/keyboard orchestrations and various voices, her music touches upon many levels and is touted a multi-genre hybrid style. 

Kriss The Sky are:

Kristina Gasparic-Block - lead vocals, keyboards, guitar, songwriter

Tim Roth - guitar, vocals 

Brian Kelly/Will Maeder- bass, vocals

Chad Miller - drums, vocals


  • Sonic Orchid rebranded to

    Sonic Orchid rebranded to "Kriss The Sky" and New Single release: 'Love and Postcards'!!

    June 7, 2021

    Formerly as Regina's Sonic Orchid, who have played hundreds of shows across the Prairie provinces during it's 19 year tenure, and have released two original recordings, Kristina Gasparic-Block has rebranded and is now called "Kriss The Sky." 

    Kristina has worn many musical hats throughout her years as songwriter and multi-genre performing artist with her bandmates. After many years, Kristina is back recording her musical works is now releasing her solo works along with collaborations with other talented artists as Kriss The Sky. With the union between her piano/keyboard orchestrations, hybrid-style voice, and experience in a variety of styles of music, her music touches upon many levels. 

    After many years, Kristina is excited to announce that her first single, called Love and Postcards, is set for release on June 8 on all major digital platforms! A duet between Kristina and her talented husband, Stu Block, this song has been touted as a "power ballad between Saskatchewan's iconic rock and roll couple". She wrote this song years ago while Stu was touring extensively with his own band and thus has a special place in their hearts. In addition, Kristina's talented brother, Johnny, played all guitars, bass and mixed and mastered this song that takes it to the next level of production.

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  • Dirty Games

    Various Artists

    April 2022

    It's all attitude, no holds barred, singable, memorable, energetic old school rock n roll with powerful female lead vocals, Dirty Games is some high-octane rock n' roll, similar to an old AC/DC track or new Halestorm track. "This song is about female empowerment and standing up to those who are disrespectful towards women".

    Lyrics and Music/ Vocals/ Organ/ Producer: Kristina Gasparic-Block 

    Guitars: Tim Roth and Brad Evanochko 

    Bass: Will Maeder

    Drums: Chad Miller

    Mixing: Justin Bender at Divergent Sounds and Blue Door Recording

    Co-Vocal Producer: Stu Block

    Mastering: Johnny Gasparic @ MCC Recording Studio

  • Love and Postcards feat. Stu Block

    Various Artists

    June 2021

    Quote: "Love and Postcards is a power duet between Saskatchewan's iconic couple which takes you to a climactic place”

    A theatrical soft rock ballad between Kristina Gasparic-Block and her husband, Stu Block. Kristina composed this song while her husband was extensively touring with his band and metaphorically describes their journey together having to face many obstacles. It features a beautiful piano solo and soaring guitars.

    Lyrics/ Music/ Piano/ Keyboards/ Producer: Kristina Gasparic-Block

    Vocals: Kristina Gasparic-Block and Stu Block

    Drums: Chad Melchert

    Guitars/ Bass/ Mixing/ Mastering/ Co-Producer: Johnny Gasparic at MCC Recording Studio

    Vocals recorded with Justin Bender at Divergent Sounds


  • Move Over

    Various Artists

    December 2022

    Move Over is a cover of Janis Joplin’s 1971 single on her 2nd solo album, PEARL. Kristina describes her version as retro rockin blues with 70s grit. "This song is my arrangement of Janis Joplin’s forgotten hit which has been covered by very few artists. It’s a powerful song that I felt needed to be brought back to life". This track features funky rhythmic organ and keyboard patterns and male and female harmonies.

    Composer/Lyricist: Janis Joplin

    Vocals/ Keyboards/ Keyboard Bass/ Drum Programmer/ Producer: Kristina Gasparic-Block

    Backing Vocals: Kristina Gasparic-Block and Stu Block

    Guitars: Tim Roth and Johnny Gasparic

    Vocal Engineer: Stu Block

    Mixing/Mastering: Johnny Gasparic at MCC Recording Studio



Love and Postcards featuring Stu Block

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Bring Me Some Water

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Dirty Games

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Move Over

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  • Kriss The Sky Live Promotional Video

    This video was recorded live at Revival Music Room in August, 2021 and features some of our most loved classic rock cover tunes. There was no editing done with this video.