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Grant Hall
562 Rink Ave
Regina, SK, S4X 2E9

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 Touchwood Studios

         It has been quoted by many people from more populated parts of the world that, 'nothing exciting happens in Saskatchewan'...or, better quoted: 'Saskatchew 'what?!'  Those people have never read the liner notes on R. Kelly & Snoopdogg's latest rap album, sold in stores everywhere. Those people are not recluse genius's in the music industry such as the infamous 'Mutt Lange & TChad Blake who knows exactly who Grant Hall is, where Touchwood Studios is located and where this ingenious advanced world market studio resides; Regina, Saskatchewan.

         Touchwood Studios offer remarkable sounding rooms plus unique customs equipment and impeccable electronic maintenance. Touchwood features a large exotic microphone and outboard collection and a conscientious staff of professionals. Touchwood’s attention to detail and the ability to accommodate diverse sessions is a major factor in there 30 year history. Weather it’s a solo artist or band tracking date Touchwood takes pride in delivering the same care and precision in delivering a smooth session. Touchwood provides the service, efficiency and quality conducive to the creation of memorable music. 

         Touchwood studios was founded and established by Grant Hall in 1985 and has been running solid ever since.  Engineers include Grant Hall himself, Johnny Gasparic, and three of the famous Churko brothers, Kevin, Cory and Kelly.  Touchwood Studios has been home to numerous local Saskatchewan engineers on projects that are too numerous to mention.

With an amazing collection of vintages microphones and analog outboard as well as modern classic equipment.

         Grant has worked with Phil Cassen’s (Former A&R VP Sony Virgin Records) in  Switzerland at Mutt Lange's studio, applying 20 plus years of experience consisting of Beta testing, Protools HD, including plug in testing for Digidesign. 

         Past experience in major studios across North America has led Grant to some infamous recording, and all in his hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan as well as famous studio around the world.. Recording Projects include:  Nickeltree, U.N.L.T.D., Lia Copola, Mandy Ringdahl, Keiffer Mclean, Maxstone Automatic, The Shallows, Sisters, Double Up, Straight-Pipe, Into Eternity, Megadeth  Gigantour DVD, The Hansen’s and The Western Senators, Walter Ostanek (2007 Grammy Nomination), The Poverty Plainsmen, Lace, Brian Sklar, Arkadia, Spent, Away From Here, Layaway Plan, Sonic Orchid, Gord Banford, the Johner Brothers and several children's folk, and Christian music. 

         Due to the ever increasing popularity and word of mouth praise that has established Touchwood Studios as one of the top Studios in North America, they became a world wide direct music content supplier for the Apple iTunes Music Store as a record label in the year 2006. We have helped developed artists onto the international stage like Into Eternity and The Western Senators. Touchwood Studios has even had a US Grammy Nomination for our past work.

         Looking back over the years, Grant Hall has had over twenty years experience with management and engineering production.  Because of his ingenuity and dedication to his craft and the building of fine arts in the province, Touchwood is the most established studio in Saskatchewan, no questions asked.

Worked with engineers TChad Blake, Johnny Gasparic, Kevin, Cory and Kelly Churko, Brennan Zifflie, Justin Bender, Scott Krall

Past experience with Mutt Lange’s as well as Phil Cassen’s (Former A&R VP Sony Virgin Records) studio in Switzerland, Metalworks,  Soundfield, and Winfield Sound, Toronto, Record One , Sherman Oaks California, Vintage Recorders Phoenix and Mushroom Studios Vancouver, Electric Lady Studios New York, Studio La Fabrique France.

Produced/Engineered several national charted hits as well as internationally recognized artists.

Recent Recording Projects recorded at Snoop Dogg/ R. Kelly “Double Up”

Straight-Pipe, Into Eternity “Self Titled”, Megadeth DVD “Gigantour 2” with Neil Citron ( Engineer Steve Vai )

Live recordings include, Loverboy, Joan Jett, Lee Aarron, Prism, Streetheart, and Chilliwack. ...