Paddy Tutty

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Genres: Folk, World


Paddy Tutty
219 - 11th St E
Saskatoon, SK, S7N 0E5

Phone: (306) 665-0864


Best known as a singer of traditional songs, Paddy Tutty sings ancient ballads, songs from a woman's perspective, songs with a twist, and songs about the world around us. Her music is driven by the rhythm of the fretted dulcimer, but this multi-instrumentalist is also heard with guitar, fiddle and concertina. Born and raised on the prairies, she has toured extensively and has released six albums on her independent label Prairie Druid Music.



  • The Last Holdout

    Various Artists

    The Last Holdout is a “bare bones” recording of traditional folk music and beyond, featuring Paddy’s voice, fretted dulcimer, guitar and concertina, with only a few overdubs of vocal harmony. Included are instrumentals on guitar and concertina, seasonal songs, and tales of transformation, passion and revenge. 

    Produced by: Paddy Tutty. Recorded at: PAVED Arts by Paul Gitlitz, Saskatoon SK.


Our Ship is Ready

From The Last Holdout

George Sands' Bourree

From In the Greenwood

All Among the Barley

From Prairie Druid


From The Roving Jewel