Nik Porrelli Drops Anticipated Single

Nik Porrelli Drops Anticipated Single "Addendum"

by Nik Porrelli

July 5, 2024 in Artist News

Saskatoon’s very own Nik Porrelli is ready to shake up the music scene once again with his latest single, "Addendum," which dropped on July 2nd, 2024. This dynamic track will be available wherever you stream your music, and it promises to deliver a blend of introspection, braggadocio, and raw energy that is quintessentially Nik.

"Addendum" is about manifesting what is important to you, even if it's uncomfortable. Porrelli explains, "I don't really stick to a topic when I write, whatever is on my mind just ends up coming out in the song. Hence the allusions to relationships, insecurities, the need for success, and what my definition of success is. It's also got some good braggadocio mixed in for good measure."

This new release marks a significant moment in Nik’s career. He wrote "Addendum" in preparation for his first-ever show at Sutherland Hall in Saskatoon, where he opened for IllHumanNation. His career has pushed forward and he recently performed it for the second time at the Art in the Garden Festival in Langham on June 8th, and the anticipation for its official release has been building ever since. After a few years of being in the vault, Nik is super stoked for it to officially see the light of day.

The production of "Addendum" features the unique style of $teev (@prodsteev on Instagram), who also produced the beat for Nik’s previous track “Negative.” The synergy between $teev's production and Nik's flow is undeniable, and fans can look forward to more collaborations between these two in the future. Nik has also been experimenting with vocal doubling, a technique he fell in love with while working with Emperor Jomei, who mixed the track. He particularly loves the doubles on the second chorus, adding an extra layer of depth and texture to the song.

Nik’s journey as an artist has been a fascinating one. Born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, he was influenced by rock and alternative music from a young age. He started drumming early on and sang in worship bands and church choirs, but it was in Grade 10 that he discovered hip-hop and began writing his own material during his first year of University. His music reflects his diverse influences and personal experiences, ranging from STARSET and Switchfoot to NF and JID​​​​​​.

Nik's previous singles, including "Slow Down," "Negative," "Back and Forth," and the more recent "Landmine" featuring 1KPhew, have showcased his evolving artistry and garnered significant attention. "Landmine" alone amassed over 4,000 streams on Spotify in its first week, setting the stage for the excitement surrounding "Addendum."

With his dual degrees in Fine Arts and Education from the University of Saskatchewan nearly completed, Nik continues to juggle his academic pursuits with his musical aspirations. He remains deeply involved in his local music scene, constantly pushing his creative boundaries and engaging with his growing fanbase.

"Addendum" is now available on all streaming services. With this release, Nik Porrelli is not just dropping a new single; he's making a statement about the power of authenticity and the courage to pursue one's passions. Follow him on social media (@nikporrelliofficial) and stay tuned for more music and live performances that promise to keep you hooked.

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