Elenee's New Single

Elenee's New Single "I Don't Want It"

by Sharon Rurak

May 27, 2024 in Artist News

Elenee is a multi-award-winning Canadian Christian artist, songwriter, and producer. Her sound is warm and her tone is rooted in the encouragement that gospel music brings. Elenee is both Greek and a Metis Citizen with the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan and she is proud to bring such cultural diversity to the ever-growing table of Canadian Christian/Gospel artists. Her debut self-titled album is set to release in 2024 and is packed full of pop, contemporary, and jazz flavours.

This life has awarded many people with opportunities that seem amazing at face value but have ugly motives and agendas just beneath the surface. ‘I don’t want it’ is a song that reminds us that when we follow God and put Him in the driver’s seat of our lives, all the money, fame, and opportunities in the world won’t matter if they don’t line up with His will in our lives, and that living for God really is the best life!

The new single was released Friday May 24, 2024 and is available on all streaming services.