Release of Bread Jones 7th studio album

Release of Bread Jones 7th studio album "Silence in Paradise"

by Bread Jones

May 23, 2024 in Artist News

Bread Jones is releasing his 7th album "Silence in Paradise." It has been a busy year for this artist, exploring the different range of sounds that influence him. With 'Silence in Paradise', Bread Jones has explored a 70's Glam Rock influenced sound which is attributed to his tastes in bands/artists like T. Rex, Slade, and David Bowie. Also explored on this album are influences from 90's Alternative which was Bread's first musical influence.

"Silence in Paradise" details a journey as a youth, going about life as a child or adult, but limited to what a person can enjoy once they hit a certain age and how society looks at them. The album originates from a place of childhood trauma in which an individual is traumatized and spends most of their childhood surviving rather than enjoying it. It results in a person growing up with a very stunted emotional growth; they exist in an adult's body but still act out on their childhood nature because that part of them hasn't been lived as much as it should.

In the title track on this album, Bread is saying that we still can enjoy parts of our childhood as adults, but societal norms sometimes tend to shun it or tell us "we're too old" to enjoy those things. "Act your age" being a common phrase. Other tracks like 'Prairie Rain' touch on another theme that Bread has explored on previous albums with tracks like Prairie Night or Prairie Sky. A musical approach to being proud of the province he exists in. 

Aside from the deep nature of the title track, Bread seeks to put out a record to which people can enjoy and tap their feet. Hence one of the tracks, entitled "Bread Jam", is all-around a song intended to get everyone up and moving.

70's Glam Rock pioneers T. Rex have been a favorite of his for a very long time, and he feels that it's an important sound to pop music that has slowly been forgotten over time. He wanted to try to capture that same feel-good energy that singer Marc Bolan would always provide to his fans, with songs like Bang a Gong (Get it On), or Metal Guru. Moonlit Night and Boogie On Quinn are examples on this album of Bread trying to recapture that energy in the 70s, even though he wasn't alive then.

Bread's new album explores the deep understanding of one's self and where their behaviors come from. Bread hopes everyone will enjoy his new record, for it's here just in time for the summer season.