"Memento from a Day Trip": New EP from Guitarist Gregory Grant

by Gregory Grant

November 5, 2022 in Artist News

If you have around 9 minutes, please check out the three songs on my new EP, "Memento from a Day Trip".

Memento is made up of guitar focused instrumentals and is available on all Streaming sites.

1. Memento from a Road Trip: Shoe gazing, dream pop genre - The place your mind goes on a long road trip. Somewhere between the present and a dream like state

2. Around the Bend: It's a dodgy turn, traffic is all over and it feels like an uncomfortable waltz, except for a moment where you flow into a momentarily Zen like space.

3. Into Oblivion: Canadian Prairie Surf: The trip is nearing it's end, pedal to the metal, crank up the tunes. Almost there but want to capture the last moment because it's about the journey, not the destination.