Lyssa & the Try-Tones first EP -

Lyssa & the Try-Tones first EP - "Basement City View"

by Lyssa & the Try-Tones

August 3, 2022 in Artist News

BASEMENT CITY VIEW is a live pop, soul, motown snack that goes down smooth. Recorded in Regina at the historical Conservatory of Performing Arts, it is the first release from Lyssa & the Try-Tones and features the emotionally raw vocal stylings of singer/songwriter Lyssa. The Try-Tones consist of a number of Regina's finest musicians including Juno award winning guitarist and producer, Erik Mehlsen; drummer, Ukeme Enoch; bass player, Courtney Ballantyne; trumpet player, Dalton Lam; trambone player, Joel Lareau and tenor sax player and arranger, Carter Powley. When backed by The Try-Tones, Lyssa creates a sound that is nothing but pop laced with subtle sophistication for those who know it when they hear it. 

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