In A Summer

In A Summer

by Jackie Guy

August 1, 2022 in Artist News

The next best thing to falling in love is watching someone you love fall in love. My daughter inspired this song as I watched her spend her summer with a new friend. With neither of them wanting a long-distance relationship, and both willing to go their separate ways at the end of the summer, this song wrote itself. Take a listen to see how it all turned out. After all, her girlfriend did say, "You can't fall in love in a summer".

Take a listen to the new track:

About: For Jackie Guy, five-time Saskatchewan Country Music Association award nominee, music has never been a choice but rather a calling. Guy’s father was instrumental in encouraging her passion for music, purchasing her first bass guitar while she was in the fifth grade. Her great experience with the family band Young Country motivated her to form the band Long Shot while in university, and then to seek out a solo career following marriage and motherhood.

Jackie values family and her faith is very important to her. Having a successful career as a physiotherapist and raising seven children did not stop her from finding time to pen every song on the albums Right Where I Wanna Be, My Red Guitar, and I Did It Anyway. Songwriting is a big passion and Jackie loves having the opportunity to share stories and personal experiences through song. Her unique voice is a blend of Bonnie Tyler, Kelly Willis and Shania Twain. 

Jackie has signed on with SSM Nashville who will assist her with artist development and release her latest single, “In A Summer”.