Berk Jodoin Releases New Album!

Berk Jodoin Releases New Album!

by Berk Jodoin

June 20, 2022 in Artist News

Available everywhere June 24th, Half Breed, the second album from Indigenous singer/songwriter Berk Jodoin once again takes us on a journey through culture and personal experience that makes Berk one of today’s most compelling songwriters. 

Berk broke into the recording artist scene with his self-titled debut album in December of 2020. The first single “Sisters” was met with critical acclaim, reaching the top ten of the Indigenous Music Countdown and securing Berk with the 2021 Saskatchewan Country Music Awards’ Indigenous Artist Bursary, as well as 3 nominations at the 2022 SCMA’s.

Half Breed is more cultivated and polished than Berk’s previous release. The writing and narrative display more experience, maturity and vulnerability. Berk chose the title partly based on his own ethnic background, but also because of the way he writes and records.

“It's a reflection on me and my heritage as a Metis man, it may not be politically correct but neither am I. I tell the stories that need to be told and use the words that need to be used. The term “Half Breed” is what I've always viewed myself as.”

The debut single “The Devil” is an emotionally driven piece that speaks of the ongoing battle that many people have experienced with alcoholism - the “I’ll quit tomorrow” cycle. This song gives you a glimpse into the world of the alcoholic that still suffers.

The second single “Cowboys & Indians” is an upbeat tempo country song that illustrates Berk’s perspective on the world today. 

“As a society we seem to give ourselves a lot of credit for being forward-thinking and accepting. That may be true in some cases but we have a long way to go and it doesn’t take much of a news story or social media thread to really show the divide in the people of this country. I believe we are moving backwards in this area and it’s getting close to the ‘Cowboys & Indians’ era of the past.”  

From the distressing experience of being forced to suppress his emotions as a boy in “Wooden Man” to the story of Tristen Durocher and his fight to persuade the government to act on the Northern Indigenous suicide crisis in “Walking with Angels”, Berk’s simple observations of his surroundings evoke an emotional reaction with the telling of stories through song and brings awareness to these difficult subjects.

The recording of “Half Breed” took place in Richmound Saskatchewan at Bad Apple Studios with producer/engineer Stephen Kambeitz who also performed guitar, bass and backing vocals on the album.  Other musicians included Jason Hellman on percussion, Stacey Springall on backing vocals, Romeo Klyne on harmonica and Craig Learmont playing keys. 

Now residing in Leader, Saskatchewan with his wife Jenny and his three children, Berk tells his stories through song. He fuses his influences like Steve Earle and Waylon Jennings together to create soulful storytelling with just the right amount of gravel.