Debut Album Release

Debut Album Release "Rodeo Cabaret" from Dan Cugnet

by Dan Cugnet

December 2, 2021 in Artist News

Dan Cugnet has burst onto the Canadian Country music scene releasing his debut album “Rodeo Cabaret”.

This ten track roller coaster will get you straight to the dance floor, to the bucking chutes of the rodeo, or back to a time when the Buffalo roamed. Take a journey with friends down the Highwood River, or a trip back in time through the 130 year old history of the Mother Church Ryman Auditorium through the birth of country music and a changing America entering the 20th century.

The songs and music are all original offerings from Dan, arranged and produced by the iconic Bart McKay. As Dan said, “Having the opportunity to work with Bart has been a tremendous gift and I hope everyone enjoys these songs. It’s been a blast bringing them to life and getting them out in the world.”

Dan farms and ranches in Southeast Saskatchewan, and that foundation of living in the country, working the land and being of the Prairies, is perfectly captured in this initial offering. A “Rodeo Cabaret” has always been the term used to describe the annual rodeo and fair dance every year in small town Saskatchewan. This album, like any night at a Rodeo Cabaret, is a collection of toe-tappin’, shreddin’ and swingin’ Prairie anthems.

His follow up album is already well underway with tracks being put down back in the studio with Bart, and is currently slated for a March 2022 release.

You can follow Dan on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok or YouTube @dancugnet or @incugneto

The album is available for purchase or streaming on all digital streaming services.

You can listen to “Rodeo Cabaret” here: