Welcome to Rooky!

Welcome to Rooky!

by SaskMusic

November 17, 2021 in SaskMusic News

SaskMusic is pleased to be welcoming two new student interns to our team, joining us through March 2022. The two students will be sharing a position of Research and Outreach Assistant, made possible through the support of the Government of Canada through the Student Work Placement program delivered by Cultural Human Resources Council.

Born Oghenerukevwe Jegede-Ikpen, Rooky is a Nigerian-born artiste, songwriter and photographer based in Regina. Aside from creating and performing music, Rooky is the graphic editor/photographer for the University of Regina's campus newspaper "The Carillon." He is very passionate about discovering, making and listening to music and creating visual imagery; he sees them as a medium of expression and a way for people to connect with one another regardless of background or race.

Rooky joins us effective November 15. 

Stay tuned for the announcement of our second intern.