Indigenous Country Artist Jarrid Lee Releases New Album

Indigenous Country Artist Jarrid Lee Releases New Album "It's Time"

Album out Nov 5/21

by SaskMusic

November 6, 2021 in Artist News

"It's Time" Album release by Saskatoon based Canadian Country Music Artist "Jarrid Lee" set for November 5th 2021 features 6 tracks for all types of listeners and followers.

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6 songs that border walking in two worlds on two paths simultaneously are exactly who Jarrid Lee is as an Indigenous Country Artist so I hope you enjoy. 

"Let's Get Gone" features award winning multi instrumentalist on fiddle Jake Clayton. This song is about a couple in much need of a well deserved trip to save their relationship. Short and sweet this song is a heartfelt 2 stepper that was on the North American top 40 Indigenous Music Countdown.

"Good Man Down" is Jarrid's way of saying  to the world "hey guys this is my journey now" although he has always done what he's told, it's time to let go and finally do what he wants so this song represents cutting the ties that hold him back to set him free.

"It's Time" was by far the hardest song on this album to write says Jarrid Lee, and was written for Orange Shirt Day 2 years ago now known as Canada's National Day for Truth & Reconciliation. Imagine telling the truth about residential schools, it's time for my ancestors to speak and they will be heard. Through this song you will find truth, healing for a brighter future and a glimpse of hope, so it's time for a change and I love you all for supporting this one. 

"The Addict" was written for National Addictions Awareness Week in hopes that sharing stories will shed a little light on some of the issues affecting everyday people like you and I. "Living through and surviving addictions I'm living proof that the red road the, sober road is possible with a whole lot of support and a lot of forgiveness" says Jarrid Lee.

"All night" is a song dedicated to my close friend Dawn who I grew up with in our hometown St.Paul Alberta that lost her husband to cancer. This song starts off with boy meets girl and they fall in love over one kiss that took him all night to capture. Going full circle they have 2 beautiful girls together and rekindle their love for one another at their favourite spot. Although Joel is no longer with us your story has inspired me bringing awareness to men's cancer so the whole month of "Movember" will be dedicated to a campaign in your honour with proceeds towards men's cancer.

"My best friend" is a story I'm still waiting to tell my son about who my grandpa was and who my best friend was in high school that I lost. Although they are not with me anymore they still watch over me and the lessons I learned in life are sure to inspire others through this song.