Nathan Davis releases debut single!

Nathan Davis releases debut single!

by Nathan Davis

November 16, 2021 in Artist News

It was two years ago nearing this time, the singer-songwriter entered Blue Door Recording with six of his own originals. Laying down acoustic tracks one day and vocals the next, the Regina born artist was now a few steps closer to completing the project he had been crafting for years. Working with the knowledge of audio engineer Walter Jeworski, a graduate from Berklee College of Music. The two of them and their chemistry date even further back to high-school, it's no wonder why these fellas are on this project together! Nathan released his debut single titled "Kick Back And Relax" on October 15th. Written when he was 11 now 31. Davis says "Dad's advice then, I didn't understand. However, time helps mold us into who we become and it certainly doesn't wait on anyone. We can't find it, set it aside or make it as it is already here and granted the exact same amount to us all at once." His debut single can be found on all major audio platforms, go check it out!

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