People of the Sun Release First EP -

People of the Sun Release First EP - "Last Day of Summer"

by People of the Sun

November 27, 2020 in Artist News

LAST DAY OF SUMMER is a live, hip-hop, funk, R&B party. It was made in Regina, at the Exchange, on the Last Day of Summer! It features stunning musical contributions from  industry veteran and community leader Info Red, an Indigenous MC; Pakistani-born MC and producer, Origin of Spin; as well as Nigerian born singer/songwriters Nini Jegz and ADEOLUWA. The band’s rhythm section includes keyboardist, Ethan Reoch; drummer, Cyprian Henry; bass player, Rob Lane; and Juno-award winning guitarist and band-leader, Erik Mehlsen.

For vocalist, ADEOLUWA, what he is most proud about is the unique blend of talent on the E.P. 

“Every single member of our band brings something edgy and captivating to the record. The songs sound complete in a very specific way and I can boldly say that I have not heard anything like “Last Day of Summer” ever. It really is a special project.”

“Last Day of Summer” is now streaming on all platforms.