SaskMusic Winter Showcase

SaskMusic Winter Showcase

Deadline November 23

by SaskMusic

November 17, 2020 in SaskMusic News

Winter Showcase

We are seeking submissions from Saskatchewan-resident artists who are interested in having a live performance professionally filmed for the purposes of marketing their music and/or for export development opportunities. These performances will be filmed without an audience present, and following cleaning and social distancing protocols. Artists will be filmed in either Regina or Saskatoon with a professional sound and video crew on a date to be discussed with artists, between November 20-December 20/2020.

The footage will be used by SaskMusic for promoting the selected artists, and the Saskatchewan music industry as a whole, in domestic and international markets. The footage will be later available to the artists for their own use.

Our goal is to film 15 artists. There will be three separate areas of focus for artists applying to this intake, although you as an artist may find you qualify under one, two, or all three:

1) Export-ready artists, as determined by criteria listed below
2) Youth (age 25 and under)
3) Artists self-identifying as Indigenous, performing in any genre

Preference will also lean to artists who do not already have an existing bank of high-quality performance footage.

Artists will be required to perform 2-3 songs of original material, but are encouraged to have more prepared for options on the day of filming. ('Original music' stipulation does not apply to artists performing in the genres of traditional Indigenous music, jazz, or classical.)

Submission Deadline: extended to 5pm Monday November 23/2020.

PLEASE NOTE, some artists were having issues with our online submission form.
We're going to switch to using this PDF document instead.
Just type the numbered answers into an email and send it to us along with the requested MP3s.

If you have questions please call us, 1-800-347-0676, or email