Fabric & Dayda Banks Releasing Their New Album

Fabric & Dayda Banks Releasing Their New Album "Leaving Neverland" in October

Coming October 2nd, 2020

by Dayda Banks

September 29, 2020 in Artist News

On October 2nd, Fabric and Dayda Banks will release their collaborative project "Leaving Neverland". The project was written and based around the idea that we we've all been chasing a paradise of our own in a race against the clock. We're all getting older, but many of us really don’t want to grow up. We keep evolving while maintaining a connection with our roots and original ways of thinking. Creating music at its essence is self expression in one of its purest forms. Both Fabric and Dayda are very authentic in the way they create their art, so by listening in you get a little slice of their personality and spirit which is a beautiful thing.

Leaving Neverland was produced by Fabric and written by both artists. This is Dayda’s 9th release and Fabric’s 2nd. Fabric previously released a project way back in 2012, so Leaving Neverland is a bit of a reintroduction for him. Dayda and Fabric were friends for many years before embarking on a professional project together, and so the process for them working together is very fluid and creative, and it shows. The end result is a captivating 10 song project layered with beautiful instrumentals and thought provoking lyrics. We welcome you to join us on the musical journey of Leaving Neverland October 2, 2020.