New Single Release From Country Artist Conrad Bigknife

New Single Release From Country Artist Conrad Bigknife

'Fever' off the upcoming album releasing in early spring.

by Conrad Bigknife

January 20, 2020 in Artist News

Regina country musician, songwriter, and producer with the latest single from his record coming early spring! As Conrad puts it:

"Today my new song hits the airwaves. Pretty excited about it.

There is a time, I think in every creative process, when everything comes full circle.
At the beginning, for me anyway, I was as true of a writer as I could be because I was simply writing a song. But this quickly became a bit of an unnerving process. Not the creating itself, but actually having even one other person listen to what I had done. It's easy to tell yourself it doesn't matter if no one likes it, but it does. Then the more people heard what I was doing, the more driven I was to have as many people as possible like what I was doing. This is where the creative process got tangled up in numbers and potential sales and the music game. The heart of it got lost for me.

So I am back to creating Country music that I love, simply because I love it. It won't be for everyone, and that's ok. It's for those of us that want it."

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