by Submitted by Scott Anthony Andrews and Wanda Gronhovd, Co-Chairs of the Regina Regional Writers’ Group - Songwriters Association of Canada (RRWG-SAC)

July 9, 2018 in Industry News

Regina SAC has seemed to hit a groove and we’re sticking with it. Members seem to enjoy a variety of meeting formats, and so we mix them up throughout the year. This year we had several planned lessons - evenings where we focus on a particular skill to develop and practice. Dale MAC started us off, demonstrating how to use cell phones or other recorders) to create melodies; Wanda G spoke about bridges; Scott Anthony, on repetition and its many iterations (hooks, melodies and/or harmonies etc), and Jaecy Bells gave a talk on using a looper/looping as a songwriting tool. Additional guest speakers were Government Town’s Michael Harmel, Michael Dawson (SaskMusic, and songwriter/musician) and artist/songwriter Chris Henderson. These working musicians provided valuable tips, info on song competitions, and surviving and thriving in today’s music industry.

Several of our members achieved significant milestones this year. Wanda Gronhovd released and toured Western Canada with her second CD, “Shifting Sands;” Ryan Hicks released and toured his second CD, “Pulsing Colours” and is a songwriting co-leader along with Glenn Sutter and Kara Golemba for Songwriting for Nature; Jaecy Bells released her inaugural self-titled EP and single, “Firing Squad;” Scott Anthony Andrews released his third CD, and held release concerts; Dale MAC performed at the Banff Centre on National Indigenous Peoples Day; Kendra Kahl won Most Promising Performer in the 620 CKRM Proudly Saskatchewan Showcase; James Gates, Jaecy, and Scott Anthony performed at the RWG show at Bushwakkers, and a final concert The “Why I Write Songs” Show for the group was held at Creative City Centre, with William John Stewart, Brian Smyth, Annie MacLeod and Adrienne Gagnon, and included a memorial tribute to Kathy Stochmal.

We also thank SaskMusic for accommodating our group every third Thursday on the month. We look forward to seeing you soon. Remember, we welcome songwriters of any level of experience or genre, including those who write lyrics only or melody only!

Photo: Back Row Glenn Sutter, William John Stewart, Jaecy Bells, Annie MacLeod, Ryan Hicks. Front Row: Scott Anthony Andrews, Wanda Gronhovd, Adrienne Gagnon, Kendra Kahl, James Gates

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