Saskatoon Live Music Venue Now Known as The Black Cat Tavern

Saskatoon Live Music Venue Now Known as The Black Cat Tavern

Formally Vangelis Tavern, the inaugural show for The Black Cat Tavern happens March 30

by SaskMusic

February 21, 2018 in Buzz

Broadway’s eclectic live room Vangelis re-branding to the Black Cat Tavern and Black Cat Pizza with inaugural show - Dayglo Abortions, Good Enough, and Zelda BellaDonna and the Deadly Nightshades - March 30th

*The words “strange!” “singular!” and other similar expressions, excited my curiosity. I approached and saw, as if graven in bas-relief upon the white surface, the figure of a gigantic cat. – “The Black Cat” Edgar Allan Poe*

Get ready, Saskatoon!  The Black Cat’s third eye is open and projecting music enlightenment for the collected Saskatoon and Broadway area citizenry!

Who is the Black Cat?  Is the Black Cat a masked crime fighter in a 1950s-era pulp novel?  Is the Black Cat the idolized centerpiece of a feline-worshiping cult?  Is the Black Cat a dormant portal of Dark Matter containing the secrets of the universe?

The Black Cat Tavern is the new envisioning for local hot spot Vangelis, a long standing staple of the Broadway arts and entertainment scene.  Over the years, owners Jodie Uliski and Greg Figg have transformed Vangelis into one of the most eclectic and well-attended live venues in Saskatoon, with its notoriously delicious pizza by the slice.  Now it is time to complete the transformation by branding it with its own sense of style and aesthetic that reflects the room’s unique qualities and quirks.  Jody wanted a name to reflect her personality, the vision of the venue hosting some of the weirdest and best music touring Canada, and her love of animals.

Enter the Black Cat Tavern with its dining counterpart Black Cat Pizza!

The official retirement party for Vangelis will take place March 25 with an open mic then, after a three day resurrection schedule, will re-open as the Black Cat Tavern!  The Black Cat Tavern opening celebration will feature none other than Canadian punk rock royalty DayGlo Abortions, who are being flown in just for this show!  Opening bands include Saskatoon’s’ hard edged punk Good Enough, and local punk-noir sensation Zelda BellaDonna and the Deadly Nightshades.

Vangelis has hosted performances by such respected established acts Merzbow, Thee Silver Mt. Zion, July Talk, Bend Sinister, Jessy Lanza, Lido Pimienta, The Thing, Monster Truck, and highlighting the cutting edge of the Saskatoon music scene.  The Black Cat Tavern will continue its tradition of eclectic performances including the inaugural Daylgo Abortions show (March 30th), Freak Heat Waves (May 2), and Casper Skulls (Apr 23).

Events at the Black Cat Tavern will include a bi-weekly Comedy Night, monthly Punk Rock Bingo, and Records and Ping Pong, and Open Stage Sundays hosted by Dylan Evans (Fancy Diamonds, Doctor Booty Quiver) starting April 1st.

Let’s not forget about the city renowned pizza and classic pin-ball!  The Black Cat Tavern sagely meets your every entertainment need.  Let the Cat lead you!

For booking info and contact: Geoff Smith

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