Anna Klein Releases New Album

Anna Klein Releases New Album "These Days"

Album Out Feb 23/18

by SaskMusic

February 20, 2018 in Artist News

Utilizing the production style of her last EP released in 2016, Anna Klein brings together similar elements of ambient indie-pop with an additional contemporary R&B flair to her newest album, “These Days”, released on February 23rd, 2017.

The new album delivers an easy listening, atmospheric sound, paired with a coming-of-age lyrical theme, creating a window into the mind of the artist as she wanders through self-discovery. Hauntingly emotive vocals tied together with dreamy synth and ambient guitar resonates a bittersweet taste of heartbreak and introspection with the listener. Anna demonstrates each song as a riveting entry into the diverse encounters experienced over the past year and how they have contributed to her own independence and personal development during that time.

For the last six months, Anna has been spending time in the city of Toronto, gaining perspective and gathering further musical influence. Whilst doing so, the artist has had the opportunity to broaden her creativity in music and artistry, which has ultimately translated to the production of her new album. During this time period, Anna has developed an even stronger appreciation for music production and songwriting. At twenty years old and ten years of writing and producing, Anna has finally accomplished a full-length album written, recorded and produced completely independently. She looks forward to new opportunities to come along with furthering her experience in creating music and all it has to offer.

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