Brodie Moniker Tours Western Canada

Brodie Moniker Tours Western Canada

by SaskMusic

October 11, 2017 in Artist News

Regina based, fifteen-year music veteran Brodie Moniker (PandaCorn, Brain Sauce, Fancy Diamonds), is a truly musical diverse talent with sophisticated songwriting, artistic arrangements, and progressive-pop presentations.
ā€‹Iā€‹n March of 2017 Moniker released his debut album, “Nowhere Left To Ghost.” The album's theme is that of leaving old haunts behind, and now he is off to new places to share the spirit of his music from this diverse and sophisticated album. In May, he was on tour with Lynne Hanson and the Good Intentions. The 31-date run took place over five weeks, covering England, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Austria. Highlights were multiple sold out shows in England, including the Green Spot in London and playing outdoor festivals in beautiful old German cities like Rosenhiem. 

This November he’s off to materialize and manifest his apologetically genre-defying music with a Western Canada:

Oct. 27: Brodie Moniker @ O'Hanlons Irish Pub, Regina SK

Oct. 28: Brodie Moniker w/ Von Jumbo and the Mordrakes @ Capitol Music Club, Saskatoon SK

Nov. 2: Brodie Moniker w/The Denim Daddies @ The Buckingham, Edmonton AB

Nov. 3: Brodie Moniker @ Captains Cabin, Medicine Hat AB

Nov. 4: Brodie Moniker @ The Nite Owl, Calgary AB

Nov. 5: Brodie Moniker @ Pincher Creek AB

Nov. 8: Brodie Moniker @ The Red Gate, Vancouve, BC

Nov. 9: Brodie Moniker @ Vinyl Envy, Vancouver BC

Nov. 10: Brodie Moniker @ The Corner Lounge, Nanaimo BC

Nov. 11: Brodie Moniker @ The Rainbow Room, Nanaimo, BC

Nov. 13: Brodie Moniker @ The Royal, Nelson, BC

Nov. 15: Brodie Moniker @ The Slice, Lethbridge AB

Nov. 17: Brodie Moniker w/86's and Sunny Day Encore @ The Park Hotel, Moose Jaw SK

Nov. 18: Brodie Moniker @ the Handsome Daughter, Winnipeg MB

Polite, honest and aggressive, Moniker puts his entire being into every song, challenging listeners’ presumed ideas of modern rock, reminiscent of past and present sound masters with Frank Zappa arrangements, Brian Eno production, Nick Drake tone, Jack White blues, Trent Reznor edge and Gordie Johnson style.

Touring internationally with critically acclaimed artists like Jeff Straker, while producing and engineering breakthrough albums for artists like Megan Nash (PandaCorn), Moniker has honed his sound and developed his songwriting, melding his influences into a true sonic mosaic.
With songs like “IS”, a blend of ambient soundscape, dirty electronic soundbites, ethereal vocals, angelic harp-inspired instrumentals with soaring saxophone and hand drums, to “Push Play DJ”, a straight ahead,
blues rock tune with guitar and bass sounds bigger than the Canadian prairies provinces, Moniker’s debut album is the voice of a true musical savant.
More expansive than Saskatchewan’s living skies, this debut solo album promises a true musical journey, a mixed-genre compilation with eased delivery, ambient soundscape, poignant lyricism, huge guitar riffs and catchy melodies.
“Moniker’s musical and lyrical lines are subtly placed and wonderfully arranged, layered but never overdone, huge and quiet, fixed and exploring, catchy and cerebral.”
- Lesley @ Great Dark Wonder