Regina Rapper Tha Broke Scholar to Release Debut Album

Regina Rapper Tha Broke Scholar to Release Debut Album "Flight 306"

by SaskMusic

October 6, 2017 in Artist News

"Tha Broke Scholar - Flight 306"

Broke Scholar's debut record "Flight 306 EP" speaks on Christian Gallipeau's past and present experiences as a millennial with a mission; to reach the youth in a diverse but effective approach through directional HipHop that acknowledges the dark truths while enlightening listeners with a message of hope.

A little bit about the artist, born in the Philippines and currently living in Regina SK Canada: "Tha Broke Scholar" (Christian Gallipeau) was adopted shortly after abandonment at age 2 and brought to Canada, which he explains his own analogy of crash landing into an unfamiliar territory. Early life was spent growing with many difficulties faced by the family, and schooling, spent under the roof of his parents until age 16 when he moved away to live and experience the world around himself. Within four years Gallipeau had lived and worked in three provinces, including visits to numerous places in Canada and the USA.

In the midst of all the time spent, Gallipeau explains the reasoning behind his EP is a very personal means of paying back. Gallipeau realized he hasn't made the right moves as a man to support his family back home and will continue to knock walls down. This EP is a means to that end; look to find the works of many artists featured on the album including: Highrise, Hyde the Rapper, The Wordz, and many more guests from both Canada and the US. The "Flight 306 EP" is produced by UK producer LX Xander who shares credits with Snoop Dogg, Hopsin, Future, Darrien Safron and and more. Look for the debut album to be released this Oct/Nov.

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