Mario Lepage represents Saskatchewan in the International Song Festival of Granby (FICG)

by SaskMusic

September 4, 2014 in Artist News

Mario Lepage is one of twenty-four candidates who will be participating in the semi-finals of the International Song Festival of Granby being held September 3-6 at the Palace Theatre in Granby.There will be four nights of semi-finals and six participants per evening. Eighteen candidates are selected by the FICG during the hearings process. Six others are participants in the song contest outside Quebec, the two winners of the Gala de la chanson de Caraquet, the two winners of the Ontario Pop and the two winners of Chant'Ouest. Subject to change without notice. Candidates interpret three songs. The jury selecting the finalists attend 4 semifinals. The jury consists of five professionals in the music and entertainment industry.

Finalists are evaluated using the following criteria:

Authenticity / Distinctiveness / Singularity

Quality directory:
quality text and music / Meaning of the risk / Ownership / Accessibility

Quality of interpretation:
defined Intention / Development / Status text / Presence music / 
voice (Accuracy stamp control, nuance, phrasing) / Musical performance professional maturity

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