by SaskMusic

November 5, 2013 in SaskMusic News

SaskMusic is off to Montreal QC for two international events: Mundial Montreal,November 19-22, and M for Montreal, November 20-23. Continuing with a busy year of showcase events, we are supporting a total of four Saskatchewan artists during the two events for the music industry.
Eekwol at Mundial Montreal’s Opening Night Showcase - Tuesday November 19 at 10:20pm, La Sala Rossa, 4848 Boulevard St-Laurent
George Leach at Official Mundial Montrealshowcase - Wednesday November 20 at 5:20pm, Les Bobards, 4328 Boulevard St-Laurent
Andy Shauf at M for Montreal official Selection Showcase - Thursday November 21 at 1:00pm, Petit Campus, 57 Rue Prince Arthur Est
Andy Shauf at Mfest (M for Montreal showcase) - Friday November 22 at 6:55pm, L'Esco, 4467 Saint Denis Street
We Were Lovers at Mfest (M for Montreal showcase) - Saturday November 23 at 11:30pm, Quais des Brumes, 4481 Saint Denis Street
SaskMusic is excited to present this opportunity for our artists by assisting with marketing and promotion of their performances and networking with delegates from around the world, following up on connections cultivated at previous events. Both Mundial Montreal and M for Montreal will gather thousands of artists, fans and industry professionals from all over the world to Montreal QC.
About the Events

Mundial Montreal
The first of its kind in North America, this world music conference & festival celebrates our rich cultural diversity through a variety of showcases while creating an unprecedented network of world music presenters and professionals with a common goal: to develop professional opportunities. Mundial is becoming the premier meeting place in North America for professionals in world music. The conference is crafted with a prime selection of artists, attended by some of the top presenters, and offers targeted networking activities for all involved.
M for Montreal
“M” is an independent organization whose ambitious mission is to help up-and-coming artists both to become better known locally and to launch their careers outside Canada. For the last seven years, they have carved out an enviable reputation at the heart of Montréal’s cultural life, and now occupies an undeniable role as a catalyst for the local industry, both for emerging local artists and those who are developing their careers. Showcasing Canada as a hotbed of creativity and influence, and in particular for shining a spotlight on Montreal as an international meeting place for musicians and, more broadly, for global trendsetters.
About the Artists
In Eekwol’s world, mothering, music and academics are chaotically coordinated into a delicate balance. As a well-known and dedicated hip hop emcee, Eekwol astounds her listeners with honest, direct and revolutionary words that come from places both original and unknown, and always groundbreaking. As a member of Muskoday First Nation, she holds a lifelong background of Plains Cree Indigenous music and culture, and invites the audience into a space of experimental hip hop unique to her land and place while respecting the origins of hip hop. She is currently developing her next full-length album to be released in Spring 2014.
George Leach is an artist whose dedication to songcraft is evident throughout his career, nowhere more so than on his latest album, “Surrender.” The 11 tracks on “Surrender” cover a vast terrain – touches of classic rock, balladry, and R&B, all in the service of a restless musical explorer coming into his own. It ranks among the finest you will ever encounter. The energy level of a George Leach show can be described as ‘high’, to put it mildly. In concert George disappears into the moment, chasing the promise of fleeting transcendence that music offers and taking us all with him.
Known for honest, self-reflective songs, Regina's Andy Shauf is quickly becoming one of the most intriguing songwriters around. Recorded in his basement, his latest album, “The Bearer of Bad News” explores themes of uncertainty, curiosity and spirituality. Often compared to folk heroes Nick Drake and Elliott Smith, Shauf hones his craft with a weathered piano, warm guitar, and a clarinet.
We Were Lovers has gusto! Dancey beats, swirling atmospheric guitars, and dynamic synths convey a wide array of moods and themes, as strong female vocals wrap stories of love and loss around catchy melodies. Ash Lamothe and Elsa Gebremichael have mastered a pop balance infusing electro, dreamy, rock and disco elements. Known for their heart-pumping, high energy live show, this duos undeniable connection radiates from the stage, pulling you to nowhere but the dance floor.