SaskMusic Launches New Investment Program for the Music Industry

by SaskMusic

September 20, 2012 in SaskMusic News

SaskMusic, with the tremendous support of the Government of Saskatchewan, is pleased to announce that it will provide a series of investment programs designed to help the Saskatchewan music industry build its skills and enhance the level of product produced. As part of a pilot funding arrangement with the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport, SaskMusic can now apply their funding to support a variety of initiatives for our industry. The funding will also allow SaskMusic to have an increased presence at national and international events, thus bringing the sounds of Saskatchewan to the world.

Investments offered will represent a portion of the applied-for project’s overall budget. Applications may come from commercial artists and recording industry professionals, and will be evaluated by a peer jury of industry professionals.

Maximum levels of support will be as follows, with an initial intake deadline of November 15, 2012:

1. Single/Demo Sound Recording: $1,000.00
2. Commercial Sound Recording (Album): $7,500.00
3. Tour Support: $2,500.00 Canadian Tours - $4,000.00 International Tours
4. Marketing Initiatives: $5,000.00
5. Showcase Travel Support: $1,500.00 Canadian Events - $2,500.00 International Events
(No deadline; applications for this program must be submitted at least 21 days prior to the event.)

All approved applicants will be required to submit final reports indicating the success of their project and its economic impact, as SaskMusic will be seeking an expansion of this project upon its conclusion.

SaskMusic represents all aspects of the commercial music industry - musicians, singers, songwriters, agents, managers, sound technicians, producers, studios, instrument suppliers, and many more – working in all genres of music. This investment program has been designed to offer support that will have the most impact on our provincial industry, in terms of both creative development and economic return.

J.P. Ellson, SaskMusic’s Chief Executive Officer, stated, “I must commend the work of our Board of Directors and the representatives of the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport for developing a new funding formula. We have the best talent on the continent - if not on the globe. Together, we will increase Saskatchewan’s global presence in the music industry, increase the economic impact of this industry for our province, and increase the personal revenue of our artists. We are entering a new era for Saskatchewan recording artists."

Information on how to apply will be available through our office and website as of October 3, 2012. For further information, please contact SaskMusic at 1-800-347-0676, or visit our website