Funding Opportunity: Creative Kids

Funding Opportunity: Creative Kids

Children ages 4 to 19 are eligible for up to $750.

Deadline: December 3, 2021

All Kids want to express themselves. Creative Kids gives them the chance. Their program removes or reduces financial barriers to arts and cultural activities for Saskatchewan kids ages 4 to 19 to help enable them participate in art, drama, music, dance and other cultural activities.

They provided their first grant to a little girl who wanted to learn to dance in the fall of 2010. To date, they have granted over $3.8 million and helped more than 8,500 kids in more than 220 communities across Saskatchewan explore their creative dreams through inclusion in arts and culture activities.

They believe:

• creative activities are fundamental to the positive growth and development of children and youth;
• cultural programming is critical to a healthy vibrant community; and
• all children and youth should have the opportunity to participate in creative activities regardless of economic barriers they may face.

Saskatchewan has one of the highest provincial child poverty rates in Canada. One out of every six Saskatchewan households lives below the poverty line, meaning more than 33,000 children have limited access to essential daily needs and opportunities for positive growth and self-esteem. Many of these families also have challenges, such as job loss or disabilities that make involvement in creative activities out of reach.

Besides basic needs to be warm, fed and clothed, they believe it’s important to feed the spirit. For a child or youth facing financial or social barriers to feel accepted and included, the longed-for chance to make music, paint, act, or dance can be life changing.

Families can apply for almost any artistic or cultural activity across the province. Simply download an application form and send it to us before one of the application deadlines. You can also apply online.

Children ages 4 to 19 are eligible for up to $750 per year (June 1 to May 31). If your application is successful, they will pay the granted amount directly to the instructor/service provider.

Funding is based on a family’s financial situation and the funds they have available. They often receive more applications than they can fund and families with the fewest economic options are generally their top priority.


May 28 – For summer classes and early fall registrations

August 13 – For activities that begin in the fall

December 3 – For activities that begin in January or February 2022

For more info and application forms click here.