Kill the Magic album cover

Kill the Magic

Tyler Gilbert

November 2021

The album features the use of drum beats, to simplistic drums to synths to electric guitars. The album kicks off with a message of frustration with the current state of the world and everyone thinking they having all the answers in “Off My Feet.” I wanted this album to really have a lot of feel to it, not so much heavy rockin’ but something that makes you feel when you listen to it. The addition of synths and simplistic drums worked very well to aid in achieving the feeling impact, almost providing a very cinematic sound in songs such as “Nothing Pt. 2, “Lost & No End”, and “Divise” which features heavy orchestral percussion. There is also a hint of my original acoustic sound with “Illusions of Grandeur”. The second half of the album offers more of a straightforward rock sound with songs such as “You Watched It” and “Man in the Dark”. Cultivate Madness would be a nod to metal pioneers Black Sabbath. There is a trend on this album of songs entering an atmospheric realm about ¾ of the way through the song, changing the feel of the song drastically. “I’ll Find Me” offers an inspirational tone on the album, in an anthem like sound, touching on the topic of chasing your dreams of being a musician.

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