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May 2021

Representing two different phases of Bob Dylan's career, this EP suggests an answer to the question: If Bob Dylan were to venture into electronica, what might it sound like? Featuring a host of antiquated drum machines, analog synthesizers and a single rather heavily-used electronic piano, this recent Bewildernest release is a dance-y record that celebrates Bob Dylan's ability to embrace and inspire musical change while commenting lyrically on a thing or two about that journey.

The first track- I Dreamt That I Knew Bob Dylan- emulates the ironic 1965-66 'Dylan goes electric' period before moving into a 90's dance vibe. Joining Dozlaw for this lyrically surreal track is guitarist Tim Bratton (who also played on the Bewildernest December 2020 release 'A Baby That Never Cried' which raised nearly $1k for local COVID-19 response) sending up a Mike Bloomfield tribute. 

The second cut- Octogen Aria- leaps ahead four decades to Dylan's dapper and moustachioed mid-2000's incarnation. Opening with a wistful ukulele motif that is joined by a century-old reed organ, the tune begins reflectively. When the electronics enter, a haunting sense of sad nostalgia settles in and never leaves. "It went something like this..."

The final cut is an acoustic demo of I Dreamt That I Knew Bob Dylan.

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