A Day’s Work album cover

A Day’s Work

People of the Sun

October 2021

Regina Band, People of the Sun, Releases Highly Anticipated Follow-Up EP “A Day’s Work”

Since the last time the People of the Sun released an EP less than a year ago, the world has changed dramatically. We have seen our communities polarized on issues of masking and vaccinations; we have seen elections, turmoil in Afghanistan, reversed abortion laws, and billionaires flying to outer-space; we have officially uncovered hundreds upon hundreds of graves of innocent children who were victims of Canada’s residential school system. 

In these turbulent times, what’s a single person able to do? 

Regina’s 8-peice People of the Sun try to give us hope and answers to big questions with their effort in “A Day’s Work”. While the songs are dangerously catchy and fun, it is the bands simple act of solidarity and unity that they hope will help out our communities in these times.

“We just wanted to show people of different backgrounds and beliefs can come together and make something beautiful just by working together. And really all anyone can do is just focus on today - the present moment - within our inner community. That’s why we named the record is named “A Day’s Work”, says band leader Erik Mehlsen. 

The record was recorded live off the floor and filmed, as per the signature sound of the band’s label and producer, Sharp 5 Records. 

The record was engineered by Justin Bender and Filmed by Jared Robinson. \u2028

“A Day’s Work” featuring 4 hip-hop infused funk tunes, is out on all streaming sites on October 8, 2021.

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